What We Are About

A broad swath of people, it seems, has co-opted the term “progressive” to describe themselves, their world view and their dreams for a socially engineered nirvana on earth.

It’s a catch-all phrase these days that seems to cover everyone on the left of the political and cultural spectrum; from your left-of-centre Canadian Liberal Party apparatchiks to the anarchy lovin’ Occupods taking an open-air shit in your local community park.  From the secular humanists and their Human Rights kangaroo courts to the polar-bear hugging enviro-loons who think the world is set to melt like Belloq’s face when he opens the Lost Ark in the first Raiders movie.

It’s a badge they wear proudly, because let’s face it; if they’re “progressive” then everyone who disagrees with them, or has opposing viewpoints, must then, of course, be “regressive”.   And the term regressive implies a desire to have society move backwards, the rejection of social advancements and nostalgia for more simple thinking.

Yeah, well, not quite.

But, if the term’s been hijacked already, and being progressive means wearing hemp shirts, 100 mile diets, weeping at Jack Layton’s last words or thinking Rosie O’Donnell should stop the seal hunt, then we gladly reject the label and adopt Regressivism as our cause.  And that’s what this blog is about.


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