It’s All Over But The Cheering

We here at RA aren’t evangelical Christians, but neither are we eager to jump on them.  Sure, sometimes people praying in public or holding Prayers for America political rallies can be tiresome at best and embarrassing at worst, but unlike Misters Dawkins and Hitchens and their cynical ilk we don’t believe the problem in the world is too much religion; maybe, just maybe, the problem is there is too little of it.

This brings us to Tim Tebow, on this Denver Broncos post-defeat Monday.  Not another social media posting on Tebow, you say?  Well, not a long one at least, and definitely not the last.

What exactly was wrong with anything Tebow did these past couple of months? 

Sure the hype got out of hand, but take Bruce Arthur at the NP for example, writing that he’s grateful that Tebow is gone.  Or in his column last Friday, where he equates Tebow’s popularity with the fact that 37% of Americans believe in Creationism and that the world is only 10,000 years old.  This is exemplary of condescending elitist thought that one can’t be a publicly devout Christian, without being some kind of a simpleton that chooses to ignore scientific fact.

It is one of the pathologies of the left; reduce ‘others’ to caricatures.  It makes any criticism easier, it cuts off debate and lets them all chuckle about things amongst their friends.  Ha ha, what morons these evangelicals are.

Anyway, in all the press conferences that Tebow has given, we don’t recall him ever expressly thanking Jesus for a specific win or touchdown.  What he has basically shown is the equivalent of gratitude for being put in the position that he’s in, and he gives some credit for that to the Lord and his faith in Him.  That’s all.  Sure he invokes the name of the Lord and is very consistent in providing his thanks, but if he were to leave out Jesus, and simply say that he is grateful to have been given this opportunity and the chance to do what he can with it, that kind of humility would have been applauded.  Instead it’s mocked and gets reviewed like someone who’s staring with fascination into a fishbowl where a three-eyed goldfish is meandering about.

Matthew Syed in his book Bounce talks about the effect faith can have on an athlete’s performance; when an athlete is able to surrender their fate on the field to a higher power, it actually improves their capabilities, it improves their performance.  There are a number of reasons for this that is grounded in the psychology so many of these media elites hang their hats on, and not of a religious nature at all.  So for that reason, should we ever begrudge an athlete his or her prayers before, during or after their accomplishments on the field of play?  It’s been proven to benefit them, and so be it.  Maybe the Leafs goalies should say some prayers on a regular basis.

So, yes, Tebow is a pretty limited quarterback.  Yes, we find it hard to believe he hasn’t married that smoking hot girlfriend of his yet (or at least the one rumored to be his girlfriend).  But regardless, we hope Tebow can keep things going again next year and prove the doubters wrong.  And maybe inspire another one or two Jimmy Fallon ‘Tebowie’ songs.

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