We Need Rob Ford To Win

Rob Ford got weighed in yesterday to start his weight loss challenge, and then went from announcing he was going to cut the inches around his waist (and honestly, at 330 lbs he is absurdly fat… just sayin’) to cutting TO’s deficit by bringing out the 2012 Toronto budget, where for the first time in a very very long time a municipality in Ontario set a spending target that was lower than what they spent the year previous.

An aside, Rob Ford’s weight loss program started with a colon cleansing, or so we’ve heard.  It’s expected that he’ll lose 30lbs through the process, but afterwards will be 150% more conservative.

Well, we here at RA are sort of torn on big Rob.  We call him a Default Conservative, because while we applaud the direction, we applaud the simplicity of ‘cut spending – good’, ‘lower taxes – good’, ‘unions – argh – bad!’, we just don’t know if there’s much more depth to what he’s about.  So, he’s sort of a conservative by default.  If he had more of a philosophically conservative foundation, we think he would be better at communicating and taking on the leftist goons at the Toronto Red Star and on council a little more successfully than he has thus far.  As it is he comes across as just a little too populist for our tastes – populism can only carry you so far, because at some point the populace will wince, and you need to be able to lead them through the stage where they begin to question ‘what have they done’?

But it goes without saying that we all need Rob Ford to win this battle.  No, not the one with his weight.  The one with the despicable Adam Vaughns and his ilk on Toronto City Council, the unions and the Margaret Atwood alarmists.

We don’t need labour peace.  We need labour war.  Don’t cave on your fight with the unions, Rob.  You’re an unlikely war hero, but we here in Ontario are desperate for someone to rescue us from being the next Greece.


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