Surprising… Not.

Are we the only ones who find it funny that the Ontario government appointed Denise Small, the professor wife of Buzz Hargrove, he of ex-CAW president fame, as the labour conciliation officer for the dispute between the City of Toronto and CUPE?

Apparently the Ontario government picks up the tab for a conciliator.  We wonder how much the conciliator’s fee would be for a couple of weeks of work.  We imagine it’s pretty healthy.  Working in the consulting field ourselves, we have a feeling for how these hourly billing rates go.

So, how was she chosen for this plum assignment?  By whom?  How is she qualified? How unbiased would she be?  Isn’t there almost a conflict of interest?  All good questions we would think.

From the standpoint of sheer optics, it’s seems to be true – there’s an elite class in this country that seems to know just where and how to elbow their way up to the public trough and dig in.  And they seem to have no moral problem insisting that the rest of us be happy to empty our pockets and keep the trough full.

Funny too, how no one in the media has even blinked an eye at this.

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