Why Would We Be Surprised?

A break from politics for a bit.

Paula Deen has decided to come clean that she has diabetes.  File this as  “no shit Sherlock”.  If anyone has seen Ms. Deen cook on the Food Network, I think it’s not hard to deduce that when your macaroni and cheese recipe calls for a pound of butter and quart of heavy cream, you are headed for some health issues.

We here at RA have some basic cooking tips to pass along that will make anyone a candidate for hosting their own cooking show.  Here goes;

  • Bacon makes everything taste better;
  • Butter makes everything taste better;
  • Cream makes everything taste better

So simple.  So, putting bacon, butter and cream in a single dish might just help you knock it out of the park next time you’re on Top Chef.  Mac and cheese?  Here goes; chop up some bacon, fry it up in the pan, add it to your mac and cheese dish that include a pound of melted butter and quart of cream and three types of cheese, bake in the oven with bread crumbs sprinkled over the top and then voila.  One tablespoon = 758 calories, but it’ll taste delicious.

You can thank us for the heart disease or diabetes later.

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