Regressively Good Eats: Official RA Endorsement of Hillbilly Heaven

The Regressive Analysis official seal of endorsement is very coveted. Well, not really, but one day we’re sure it will be.

So, the next time anyone is in Hamilton, please make sure to visit Hillbilly Heaven our first officially RA endorsed restaurant.

The Hamilton Spectator (a crap newspaper, sister publication to the Toronto Red Star), saw fit to post a three-quarter page article about allegedly racist signs the restaurant has posted, saying things like;

“Things we don’t have and never will – Halal, rice, kabob, shawarma, fries, wings, ¼ chicken, Mexican and burgers”

“To better serve you, our staff speaks ENGLISH”

“What would make you think this was a Korean BBQ? Do you see any f’n ducks in the window?”

Of course, we here at RA find this sense of humor hilarious. It’s not racist. It’s simply anti-political correctness.

How annoyed would the owner of a Pakistani cuisine restaurant be if someone kept coming in and asking if they sold pork? Probably pretty annoyed. So why shouldn’t Mr. Bailey, the owner of Hillbilly Heaven be annoyed with repeated questions about halal meat, when it is clear to everyone outside and inside the restaurant that this is a BBQ joint?

But lo and behold, it’s not even a Muslim or a Korean, or someone who doesn’t speak English who has complained. It’s a busy body, Evelyn Myrie, Executive director for the Centre for Civic Inclusion.

Really. It’s surreal. Check out their website. There is a cottage industry in this province of useless people who try to justify their sucking off the public teat by pointing out any instance of supposed racism they can find. This organization received $260,000 from the City of Hamilton in funding, and because we can see on their website that they have Ontario government links, no doubt they’ve received matching funding or more from the us the taxpayers at large in this province.

So, in order to justify her salary, this woman needs to run around and invent grievances. It goes without saying – without any racism, this woman and her organization wouldn’t need to exist. And they may need to get real jobs. So, racism abounds in their minds. We’re just a step away from being the new South Africa or deep south U.S.

Next up, we’re sure is that she will file a human rights complaint, saying that she or her group is offended on behalf of these aggrieved groups, and thus she should get some cash for her organization and her alleged fight against racism in Hamilton. And she’ll win no doubt. That’s the messed up Ontario we live in right now.

Ah well. But in the interim, if you’re in the Hamilton area try and go out of your way to visit Hillbilly Heaven, the first officially endorsed RA restaurant.

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