A Useless President

Barack Obama has turned out to be a pretty useless president.  The disappointment is pretty widespread, even the left seems disenchanted with his performance.  If you remember it was all supposed to be about Hope and Change.  Obama was supposed to usher in a new era of the transcendent President, rising above partisanship, healing the nation, getting the US back on track.

It was on the basis of this wild optimism for what his administration was going to do that he was given the Nobel Peace Prize before he’d even done a single thing for world peace, other than make a couple of beautiful speeches.  But so many held high hopes for the man.

But, as it turns out he wasn’t and isn’t any different than the Presidents who’ve come before him, and in fact he is being demonstrated to be uniquely unequipped to be President.  Obama was a man, who as Mark Steyn has so aptly described it, “wafted” upwards through the strata of society, all the way to office of the President, without ever achieving anything of any substance.  Ever.  Okay, so he was friends with Oprah.  But never did he actually create a dime of wealth, have to meet a payroll, fight for his country, serve overseas, or doing anything that would indicate he was capable of the job, never mind transcending it, and using the office to heal the nation’s problems, steer it back onto the path of prosperity or help secure its free future. 

Instead, he’s been a standard Euro-style socialist who has shown more interest in protecting his political future than making brave decisions.  Take the whole debt ceiling debacle last August as an example.  His big proposal was to buy time until after the next election to address the bigger issues.  Short term.  Not visionary.

So that brings us to the last couple of weeks and his killing of the Keystone XL project.  It probably wasn’t his intention to kill it long term; he probably intended to prolong his political future merely by putting off a decision until after the next election, and get his cred back with the environmental left, while lining his campaign coffers with donations from idiots who couldn’t find their asses with both hands and a flashlight, like Julia Louis-Dreyfuss and Darryl Hannah and others.

But now, as Republicans line up behind the project, what he’s done is inadvertently turn this into a partisan issue, with Democrats opposing it mainly on the basis of their pathological need to see themselves as a counter-weight to anything the Republicans might want.  So again, not only short-term, opportunist and less than brave, but metastasizing into a partisan issue, and one that has Canada looking at building a pipeline to the Pacific coast to ship oil overseas to China, not a country that we should be hitching our wagon to.  All because Obama has shown he is pretty useless as a President.

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