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Regressive Redux – We Eez So Incompitent Now

It seems to be a bit of theme that we’ve touched on before, but if they keep coming out with this stuff, then we guess it’s our place to respond.

Yet another genius, slaving away in his psych lab deep in the bowels of an academic institution (Cornell in this case), has provided this gem of deduction; that people are generally incapable of recognizing or admitting their own incompetency or inabilities, and have inflated opinions of their actual abilities, that doesn’t match reality. 

Fair enough you say, we didn’t need a psychology professor to tell us this – we all personally know deluded people.  American Idol has made millions showcasing deluded people who think they can sing, when they’re actually just causing the ears of dogs nearby to bleed profusely.  We live in an age of common delusion, it’s what you get when a society stops speaking plainly, worrying about offending anyone or freaks at the idea of correcting kids in school.  We here in Ontario have a deluded Premier, and a deluded citizenry who elected him.  But we digress.

Anyway, then Professor Dunning adds in this bit of observation;

“This inherent inability to accurately gauge our own level of knowledge may be an underlying cause of many of society’s ills, including climate change denialism, Dunning said.”

Wait a minute.  So he basically says incompetent people don’t know when they are unknowledgeable about something, and then he goes and makes a judgment statement about climate change.

So, if you are a “climate denier”, then you are simply a stupid and incompetent person, who doesn’t know when to keep his/her mouth shut and bow down and acquiesce to the David Suzukis and Al Gores of the world, who are the true experts.

It’s a self-serving principle.  I’m an expert; you are not, so if you disagree with me it is because you are ignorant.  One can’t win that argument.

Except that ummm… he’s a psychologist.  David Suzuki is a geneticist, not a climate change scientist.  Al Gore is a former politician.   Hypocrisy?

Again, the progressive left show their ravenous desire to stifle debate and free speech.  A couple of weeks ago, it was right wingers have lower IQs – why should progressives then have to bother debating morons?  Now it’s if you don’t defer to “experts” in whatever the topics, then you are ignorant and not recognizing your own incompetence to process the facts.  Why should they bother to discuss anything further with you?

The moral vanity of the progressive left has no limits.  They are on the side of the angels, after all. 

The Four Pillars of Progressive Thought are; the Brotherhood of Man, the Triumph of Learning and Reason over Faith and Natural Law, Social Peace through Social Equilibrium and Man in Harmony with the Environment.   And at the Centre, where all these principles intersect is Purity – purity of thought being paramount.  Because, who could argue with a world centered on those principles?  Why, if you do disagree, you must be evil.  And hence it’s justifiable to denigrate your opinions, your intellect and your morality, and the use of pseudo-science to promote discrimination against those who hold contrary opinions.

Ah well.  Perhaps that is a fight that can’t ever be truly won.  But here’s a Regressive Idea in the meantime; in 2020, if the Himalayas still have glaciers, if there are no islands in the south Pacific that have been overtopped by the rising oceans, if we’re not experiencing droughts and rampant forest fires every year, then we would like all of these climate change clowns, including Professor Dunning, who think us skeptics are part of society’s ills, to be rounded up and imprisoned for being condescending assholes who were wrong.   We can’t wait for history to show them wrong – again.

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Premier Dad’s Small Ontario

It’s getting downright embarrassing to have this guy as Premier of our province any longer.  Ontarians have been ready to fire this guy for two elections now, but of course the Ontario PCs are led by idiots who try to run from any mention of Mike Harris and worry too much about what the editorial board at the Toronto Red Star thinks of them. Screw ‘em.

As it is, our Premier Dad insists, that on balance if he had his druthers, he’d prefer a low Canadian dollar to a vibrant oil and gas exporting sector out west, because the result of the latter is a strong petro-dollar that makes our manufacturing sector in the east less competitive.  And Ontario has been bleeding manufacturing jobs for close to a decade now, so his infallible logic is that it must be because of the high currency, right?

The Toronto Red Star was trying to strike a similar theme last week in an editorial casting a jealous eye toward the resource based economies of the west, saying grossly stupid things like “it’s relatively easy to grow based on resource extraction”.  Sho’ eez!  We guess it’s as simple as good ol’ Jed, out one day shootin’ at some food, and Lordy! What’s this when he misses that rabbit with his unregistered long gun?  Why, up through the ground come a bubblin’ crude.  Gazillionaire!  So easy to find oil and get it out of the ground.  Just like the Beverly Hillbillies. 

Never mind the geotechnical expertise, the manufacturing of extraction/refining/delivery equipment, the transportation logistics, the financing, and the petro-chemical engineering and on and on.  And that’s just the oil sector.  Forget the agricultural, the mining, the forestry and other resource extraction industries.  It’s so easy.  Just ask the Toronto Star editorial board.

What you have in Premier Dad and his Apologists at the Toronto Red Star are believers in the Small Ontario.  The Ontario with an economy, especially a manufacturing sector, that is so precious, so fragile, and so uncompetitive unless it has all sorts of built in advantages in terms of low currency, government subsidies, federal largesse and cheap energy.  And wonderful leaders who will hold us all by the hand and lead the way to new green(er) pastures.

Conversely, believers in a Big Ontario would look at things this way;

  • We have natural resources of our own; if that’s truly the ticket to the future (it’s not, but let’s not get off here).  We sit on huge shale natural gas resources in eastern Ontario, mining in northern Ontario – maybe we could look into exploiting these resources more fully?;
  • Toronto is within a day’s drive of 70% of the population of North America – we are closer, and have better access to bigger markets than BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan can ever be, even with Northern Gateway pipelines or Keystone XL’s;
  • Those manufacturing jobs we are losing to other jurisdictions are the low rent, unskilled manufacturing jobs.  That doesn’t mean the sector is in terminal decline.  Instead we could take the route of Germany, a country with a vibrant manufacturing export sector, by producing higher end goods, with more value added manufacturing;
  • We could decide that we can create our own economic advantages in the form of lower taxes, reduced bureaucratic interference and improved infrastructure to get goods and persons to markets

We could do all of those things, and probably a lot more that just don’t come quickly to mind.

But no, the believers in a Small Ontario are preparing the excuses for failure.  And with that comes the inevitably airing of grievances on how Ontario propped up Canada for so long, maybe it’s time for the rest of Canada to prop up Ontario.  And that means federal transfers to Ontario to help McGuinty with averting some hard decisions.

Small Ontario has a Small Leader.

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The DOTW award this week goes to the brilliant scientists who want us, humans that is, to extend “rights” and person-hood to dolphins.  They being so smart and all.  Never mind the fact that they are telepathic, can see in multiple dimensions and may ultimately help us communicate with aliens.  All true – it’s on the internet after all.  So it must be true.

So, we understand that as a measure of good will, the dolphins may actually recognize us first! 

“akkakkkakakkakkkka akakkaakkkakakakkkaaaaaaakkkk eeeeeeee” –  transcript from the dolphin great leader’s address.  Translated it means “we shit in the same water we swim in, but don’t judge us.”

Seriously, they live in water, yet they breathe air, how dumb is that?  If they’re so smart, how do they keep getting caught in nets all the time?  You’d think they’d figure out a way to stop that from happening by now.  I expect them to declare war on Japan any day now; after all they eat dolphin meat in schools in Japan.

We would like some dolphin rights… Like the right to treatment at dolphin hospitals after we get attacked by a shark.  Oh wait.  They don’t have dolphin hospitals. 

And we have a question – what about the porpoises?  Are they a different race or what?  What about recognizing their rights?  Or are porpoises like the Palestinians of the dolphin world – related, but the dolphins look down on them, won’t give them citizenship.  But they’ll support their terrorist campaign against the orca overlords.  How about belugas or those weirdo manatees?

Where does this end?  It doesn’t, and that’s the problem.  Congrats stupid scientists for diminishing the idea of true rights and personhood (want to place bets they’re all for dolphins but would never be in favour of extending the idea of personhood to a human fetus?) for the DOTW award this week.

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Drawing Guns?!? Obviously a Redneck, Lock’em Up.

So, a Kitchener man’s daughter draws a gun at school, and the school notifies the police.  (Draws, we should note, as in with a crayon and paper). Then the police, three (three!!!) officers, no less, arrest the man when he comes to school to pick up his kids, and throw him in jail for several hours.  They make his wife come to the police station with their 15 month old child, while the other two kids are taken to Family Services.  Nobody tells the man or his wife what is happening.  Then he’s strip searched.  No shit.  Later, he’s released with an apology (wow thanks, everything is better now) but they still ask him to sign a consent for them to search his house for weapons.

All of this just because his four year old daughter drew a picture of her daddy shooting at gun at bad guys.

We have to contrast this story with the story yesterday about a study and action plan commissioned by the Downtown Kitchener business association.  The action plan is a response to a recent survey of Kitchener and region residents who said that downtown was still perceived as “seedy”, “sketchy”, and not generally a place they want to live or do business.  So, of course the action plan is filled with all sorts of bullshit promises of redevelopment, bringing in technology hubs, streetscaping blah blah blah.

Tell you what – we’ll save you some money and time, no need for any further studies; People think downtown Kitchener is sketchy, because it is assholes

Perception matches reality.  On any given day, in broad daylight, you can see drug deals going down in front of City Hall, prostitutes at the corner of Cedar and King, teenage panhandlers boldly berating people who walk by them.  White trash with their pants hanging off their asses, tattoos up the side of their necks crowding the sidewalks.  Homeless people, sleeping in the entrances to coffee shops, so that you have to literally step over the drug addicts to get into a business.

So maybe, just maybe, if you want to clean up downtown Kitchener, maybe you should think of getting these assholes off the street, putting an end to the petty crimes and vandalisms downtown, arresting the hookers and losers.

But no… that stuff, police have no time for.  Sending three police officers to a school to arrest a father because his four year old daughter drew a gun?  They’re all over it.  Hey, this dude might be a redneck with guns at home!  Shooting bad guys no less!  That’s the job of police (or at least it used to be), we can’t have that!

Twenty, thirty years ago, kids used to pretend to shoot guns at each other, have sword fights with sticks, play pirate and soldier games.  Oh my God.  How did we ever grow up to be decent people?

Thank goodness our police now recognize who the true criminals are these days.

Advice to all parents going forward; only expose your kids to unicorns, fairies, ponies, gay pride parades and NDP economics.  All the rest is bad, and could get you arrested.

PS – we could have commented on the teachers and school board here, but what’s the point?  There are some pretty ridiculous rules the teachers have to follow, they were mandated to report a girl drawing a gun.  It’s assine, and shows no moral courage, but to be honest, not unexpected.  The bar is so low for our education system as it is.

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Regressive Redux – University is Useless

Matt Gurney is a great columnist.  Here is a great story about student debt, and the prospects some students have coming out of university.

No kidding.  We wrote about this whole thing in one of our very first blog postings on this site – most university degrees are worthless.  Most kids going to school aren’t studying for technical or even professional degrees; they’re going into arts or general sciences.  And there ain’t any jobs for those people.

So, as Gurney points out, we get excessive graduation rates of students with education that has zero demand, but then we graduate 6,000 fewer IT professionals than there are jobs for, as an example of where we’ve gone wrong with pushing kids into university.

You know what?  IT is hard.  It requires some brainpower, some discipline, some ability in mathematics, logical algorithmic thinking.  Not exactly the best traits of so many Canadian kids.

No, as Adam Carolla so aptly described in his famous anti-Occupy rant on his internet show, we are dealing with a generation of losers who were raised by a system and parents who thought enhancing their self-esteem was their preeminent need if they were going to “succeed” in life.  And so, given that math and science are very exact disciplines, and there’s no fuzzy feel-good answers, there is only right and wrong, and that sometimes getting to those answers requires a lot of hard work and thinking (ouch, my poor lil’ brain), they were allowed to pass on math and science or give it short shrift in their studies.  Because heaven forbid they experienced failure and frustration, growing up.  Every fat kid gets a participation trophy in sports, every illiterate gets pushed through high school with the same diploma as immigrant kids who actually work their asses off to get great grades.

And so our kids go into the arts.  Or social sciences.  And they rack up huge student debt, graduate and realize nobody wants to hire them except to greet people at Wal-Mart, do telemarketing or twirl around a pole at Cheetah’s.  And then, because they’re up the creek without a paddle, they delay buying houses, starting families and purchasing big ticket goods.  And that’s not good for the economy.

So, it’s time for someone at the top political level to start musing about this out loud, and wondering if we’re giving our kids a bum steer on so many different levels.  But in the meantime, take some regressive advice kids – avoid going to university unless you are 100% certain there’s a job for you on the other end.

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Premier JackAss

We were wondering when Premier Dad would say something about the Drummond report.

Well, now he has, and it seems not only will they not be implementing all the Drummond report recommendations, the Liberals will also not be raising taxes to pay for those programs they refuse to cut as per the aforementioned recommendations.

I guess that experiment growing money on trees in the Toronto Red Star basement Liberatory has been a smashing success, because where these idiots think they’re going to find the money to keep paying for all their wonderful sacred cows, like our medical system, is a mystery.

Denials, delusion, call it what you will, but the chickens have come home finally.  It’s expected that the Liberals will pull their best ostrich act and jam their head subsurface, hoping that this will all pass but for them, the truth of the matter is there is no divorcing fiscal conservatism and social libertarianism.  

When your first instinct as a governing party is to pass laws and regulations for everything under the sun, from anti-bullying legislation to making kids wear helmets 24/7, to grandiose subsidy schemes to create a green-energy manufacturing sector when there is no demand for one, the reality that all of these initiatives require government.  Laws need to be enforced, programs need to be monitored, subsidies need to be delivered. 

When you believe in activist government, you in turn surrender yourself to the need for more government and the costs of running more government.

Hence all these types who run around and say they are “fiscally conservative” but “socially liberal” are full of shit.  If you believe in government interference in peoples’ lives, you can’t believe in a fiscally prudent government.  The two are not compatible.

So, McGuinty is in a dilemma.  He can talk all he wants about reforming government, cutting costs, getting the fiscal house in order.  But so long as he is a believer in government as a deliverer of solutions to all manners of problems, big and small, he can never really pull it off.

What the Drummond report did was indicate that we need to get weaned off activist government.  That is a massive culture shift, and at the center of that culture is the Ontario Liberals.  They won’t change.  McGuinty won’t change.

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Let As Many Come As They Want

The tragic accident in Hampstead, where 10 migrant workers from Peru were killed in a highway accident Tuesday, along with the truck driver who struck their passenger van, gives us an opportunity to comment on an issue that has some context with this very sad event.

There are approximately 40,000 migrants in Ontario every year, coming here to work, largely in the agricultural industry.  Doing jobs that Canadians will not do.  Yes, we said it, and it may sound clichéd, but it’s true.  These migrant workers who were killed were vaccinating chickens.  Probably not very pleasant work, but necessary work.

By all accounts they did their work willingly, gladly, and on weekends spent their time at local churches and attending to their local families.

We cannot, for the life of us, understand some of the resistance, especially state-side to immigrants from Mexico, Central and South America who want to come and work here.  We understand the cultural concerns, and even that some criminal elements make their way into our countries from these places.  But by and large they aren’t coming here to “steal” jobs, most aren’t coming here to sponge off welfare or demand that we change our country to accommodate them.  They are predominantly Christian, Catholic, and believe in families.  And they are coming here to work.

You can contrast that with some of the human debris we see strutting around on a regular basis, the literal human crap of tattoo covered, pants hanging off their ass, sideways baseball caps, skinny-fat or fat-fat losers, wanna-be gangstas who suck off the public teat and provide us no value in return.  You’ll never see these guys or gals volunteering to crawl through manure in the dark to pick mushrooms, or sweat in a field picking tomatoes in 90% humidity, or pouring concrete basement floors for homes in a new subdivision.  Nope, instead you’ll see them arranging penny drug deals in the parkette by your house, pushing an uncovered baby stroller through the wind with an obese two-year old, (who knows who the father is?), munching on McDonalds French fries, or generally polluting the sidewalks of your downtowns with foul language complaining about waiting for their next government support cheque.

Here’s a Regressive immigration policy – as many immigrants who want to come to Canada from countries like Mexico, Peru, Columbia, El Salvador etc, and who want to come here to work, we should let them in.  All of them.  The more of them, the more good people we add, the smaller the proportion of white trash in our population.

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Sugar Cane Should Be Contraband

So, normally we find Barbara Kay to a sensible columnist.  But occasionally she goes off the reservation, as do most of the NP columnists every once and a while.  Witness her article where she makes the case for taxing sugar.

Don’t let Premier Dad read this – this is right up his alley.  And it makes perfect sense; he has to raise taxes to cover his inability to curb spending.  But now he can say he is raising taxes to save us from ourselves!  He is so awesome.  Saint McGuinty.

But why stop there?  Think of all the stuff that is bad for you, that the government should be trying to stop us from doing.  Sugary treats, fatty foods, booze and cigarettes are obvious.  What about the lack of exercise for certain members of our society?  You should be taxed for failing to work out.  Put timers on our TVs to get us off the couch.  What about harmful UV rays?  Government watchdogs should be sent out to prevent people from sunbathing.  Coffee can give you gut rot and bad breath, yellow teeth too.  Tax it. Mandatory life vests at the beach.  No drinking of alcohol anywhere near water to prevent drowning.  Mandatory helmets for just about everything.  

Man, so many ways to save us from ourselves!  And all of them are potential revenue streams for the government.

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We eez so Dum

There are times, and they admittedly have become more frequent, when one has to wonder the purpose that universities serve society.  Because lately, they just seem to be sanctuaries for all sorts of lunacy, bad thinking and spoiled adult-children.

Take as an example, Gordon Hodson, of Brock University in St. Catherines no less, who has published a paper saying essentially this;

People with low IQ’s are more likely to hold racist and homophobic viewpoints in adulthood.  These viewpoints are “mediated” by right-wing ideologies.  Hence people who adhere to right-wing ideologies tend to have lower IQ’s.

It is a wonderful bit of logical deduction, but we’ll get to that in a moment. 

The irony of it is, when you peruse the web or go on the Globe and Mail’s comments board, all the smug – “I could have told you that!” types of comments (hundreds in fact), is in fact demonstrating prejudice. 

At first you think “can’t they see that they are being prejudiced themselves?” and then you realize, ah, but being prejudiced against the following groups is OK in the books of progressive left;

  • White males;
  • Christians;
  • Israel or supporters of Israel;
  • “right-wing” ideologues, i.e. conservatives

And the goal here, with a ridiculous “scientific” study portraying conservatives as right-wing redneck racist boobs with low IQs, is actually to stifle free speech, to stifle debate… this is one of the favorite hobby horses of the left.  Because why would anyone lower themselves to debate idiots?  Why should they give any credence to what conservative mouth-breathers think?  They are all just so obviously stupid, c’mon, and we are so s-m-r-t, I mean s-m-a-r-t.

But let’s briefly examine the logical progression here that Professor Hodson uses to arrive at his conclusion.

People with lower IQ’s have more likelihood to hold racist or homophobic views in adulthood – Observation of Data

Racist and homophobic views are mediated by right wing ideologies – Opinion

People with low IQ’s tend to follow right-wing ideologies. – Conclusion

This is such a brilliant deductive methodology that we decided to give it our own right-winger try.  Here goes;

Black men are more likely to suffer from high blood pressure as adults – Observation of Data

High blood pressure is caused by excessive masturbation – Opinion

Adult black men are more likely to be excessive masturbators – Conclusion


Let’s try this again;

A lot of young people identify themselves as liberal – Observation of Data

Young people have their heads up their asses – Opinion

A person with their head up their ass is identifying themselves as a liberal – Conclusion.

Huh.  Guess it does work, after all.

The Death Penalty – There’s a Regressive Idea

A brief comment about Senator Boisvenu, and the whole kerfuffle over the death penalty, prisoner suicide et al.

Give the guy a break.  Rae, Turmel, suicide prevention groups, bleeding hearts in the media.  Give him a break.

Senator Boisvenu has a dog in this fight, so to speak.  He is in the Senate based on his efforts for victim’s rights in this country.  He knows about this first hand, unfortunately, his own daughter having been raped and killed by a serial offender.  He is allowed to be angry at our justice system, or suggest we need a more, let us say, absolute way of keeping these mis-wired carbon units from reentering society and doing damage again.  And again.

We’re not for the death penalty per se.  Especially not if it’s a US style proscribed sentence, that seems to inequitably applied to convicts.   But, perhaps it should be considered as a tool in a judge’s tool box when it comes to sentencing the most egregious offenders, and the ones who’ve most obviously committed some horrible crime against our society. 

So, if we had an award opposite to the DOTW, an award for courageous authenticity and saying what you believed, damn the political correctness, Senator Boisvenu would win that award this week.

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