Regressive Eats: The Pink Slime

If we lived in the US, the pink slime additive might explain why Mac had the runs last time he ate at McDonalds.  But we live in Canada and alas, our fair country has not permitted the practice for a long while now.

But now that McDonalds has foresworn the use of pink slime in the US for its hamburger meat, we wonder, a billion or more burgers sold, what to do with all that pink slime that now has no good use?

After all, it appears, having read the stories and according to Jamie Oliver, that if you simply washed beef tailings (left-overs essentially) with enough slime, the tailings eventually became edible.  Wow!  Who knew such a miraculous substance existed?  Why is there world hunger?  Does that mean if you wash anything enough with the pink slime you have food?

So, we here at RA are soliciting ideas for pink slime uses.  After all, pink slime futures are probably dirt cheap right now, so if we load up on it, but then come up with a couple of good uses for it, voila! We’re part of the 1%.  Easy money.  This is how capitalism works, watch and learn.

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