The Death Penalty – There’s a Regressive Idea

A brief comment about Senator Boisvenu, and the whole kerfuffle over the death penalty, prisoner suicide et al.

Give the guy a break.  Rae, Turmel, suicide prevention groups, bleeding hearts in the media.  Give him a break.

Senator Boisvenu has a dog in this fight, so to speak.  He is in the Senate based on his efforts for victim’s rights in this country.  He knows about this first hand, unfortunately, his own daughter having been raped and killed by a serial offender.  He is allowed to be angry at our justice system, or suggest we need a more, let us say, absolute way of keeping these mis-wired carbon units from reentering society and doing damage again.  And again.

We’re not for the death penalty per se.  Especially not if it’s a US style proscribed sentence, that seems to inequitably applied to convicts.   But, perhaps it should be considered as a tool in a judge’s tool box when it comes to sentencing the most egregious offenders, and the ones who’ve most obviously committed some horrible crime against our society. 

So, if we had an award opposite to the DOTW, an award for courageous authenticity and saying what you believed, damn the political correctness, Senator Boisvenu would win that award this week.

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One thought on “The Death Penalty – There’s a Regressive Idea

  1. KP says:

    I agree wholeheartedly about the good senator. When are the left wingers going to start having empathy for victims instead of criminals. While you’re at it you should comment on the fact that convicts get double EI benefits than the rest of us. MP Harris wants to change that and the lefties again are against it. Recidivism because EI runs out? Seriously, that’s their argument. I guess anyone who doesn’t find a job before their EI runs out can be assumed to commit B and E’s then.


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