We eez so Dum

There are times, and they admittedly have become more frequent, when one has to wonder the purpose that universities serve society.  Because lately, they just seem to be sanctuaries for all sorts of lunacy, bad thinking and spoiled adult-children.

Take as an example, Gordon Hodson, of Brock University in St. Catherines no less, who has published a paper saying essentially this;

People with low IQ’s are more likely to hold racist and homophobic viewpoints in adulthood.  These viewpoints are “mediated” by right-wing ideologies.  Hence people who adhere to right-wing ideologies tend to have lower IQ’s.

It is a wonderful bit of logical deduction, but we’ll get to that in a moment. 

The irony of it is, when you peruse the web or go on the Globe and Mail’s comments board, all the smug – “I could have told you that!” types of comments (hundreds in fact), is in fact demonstrating prejudice. 

At first you think “can’t they see that they are being prejudiced themselves?” and then you realize, ah, but being prejudiced against the following groups is OK in the books of progressive left;

  • White males;
  • Christians;
  • Israel or supporters of Israel;
  • “right-wing” ideologues, i.e. conservatives

And the goal here, with a ridiculous “scientific” study portraying conservatives as right-wing redneck racist boobs with low IQs, is actually to stifle free speech, to stifle debate… this is one of the favorite hobby horses of the left.  Because why would anyone lower themselves to debate idiots?  Why should they give any credence to what conservative mouth-breathers think?  They are all just so obviously stupid, c’mon, and we are so s-m-r-t, I mean s-m-a-r-t.

But let’s briefly examine the logical progression here that Professor Hodson uses to arrive at his conclusion.

People with lower IQ’s have more likelihood to hold racist or homophobic views in adulthood – Observation of Data

Racist and homophobic views are mediated by right wing ideologies – Opinion

People with low IQ’s tend to follow right-wing ideologies. – Conclusion

This is such a brilliant deductive methodology that we decided to give it our own right-winger try.  Here goes;

Black men are more likely to suffer from high blood pressure as adults – Observation of Data

High blood pressure is caused by excessive masturbation – Opinion

Adult black men are more likely to be excessive masturbators – Conclusion


Let’s try this again;

A lot of young people identify themselves as liberal – Observation of Data

Young people have their heads up their asses – Opinion

A person with their head up their ass is identifying themselves as a liberal – Conclusion.

Huh.  Guess it does work, after all.


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