Sugar Cane Should Be Contraband

So, normally we find Barbara Kay to a sensible columnist.  But occasionally she goes off the reservation, as do most of the NP columnists every once and a while.  Witness her article where she makes the case for taxing sugar.

Don’t let Premier Dad read this – this is right up his alley.  And it makes perfect sense; he has to raise taxes to cover his inability to curb spending.  But now he can say he is raising taxes to save us from ourselves!  He is so awesome.  Saint McGuinty.

But why stop there?  Think of all the stuff that is bad for you, that the government should be trying to stop us from doing.  Sugary treats, fatty foods, booze and cigarettes are obvious.  What about the lack of exercise for certain members of our society?  You should be taxed for failing to work out.  Put timers on our TVs to get us off the couch.  What about harmful UV rays?  Government watchdogs should be sent out to prevent people from sunbathing.  Coffee can give you gut rot and bad breath, yellow teeth too.  Tax it. Mandatory life vests at the beach.  No drinking of alcohol anywhere near water to prevent drowning.  Mandatory helmets for just about everything.  

Man, so many ways to save us from ourselves!  And all of them are potential revenue streams for the government.

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