Let As Many Come As They Want

The tragic accident in Hampstead, where 10 migrant workers from Peru were killed in a highway accident Tuesday, along with the truck driver who struck their passenger van, gives us an opportunity to comment on an issue that has some context with this very sad event.

There are approximately 40,000 migrants in Ontario every year, coming here to work, largely in the agricultural industry.  Doing jobs that Canadians will not do.  Yes, we said it, and it may sound clichéd, but it’s true.  These migrant workers who were killed were vaccinating chickens.  Probably not very pleasant work, but necessary work.

By all accounts they did their work willingly, gladly, and on weekends spent their time at local churches and attending to their local families.

We cannot, for the life of us, understand some of the resistance, especially state-side to immigrants from Mexico, Central and South America who want to come and work here.  We understand the cultural concerns, and even that some criminal elements make their way into our countries from these places.  But by and large they aren’t coming here to “steal” jobs, most aren’t coming here to sponge off welfare or demand that we change our country to accommodate them.  They are predominantly Christian, Catholic, and believe in families.  And they are coming here to work.

You can contrast that with some of the human debris we see strutting around on a regular basis, the literal human crap of tattoo covered, pants hanging off their ass, sideways baseball caps, skinny-fat or fat-fat losers, wanna-be gangstas who suck off the public teat and provide us no value in return.  You’ll never see these guys or gals volunteering to crawl through manure in the dark to pick mushrooms, or sweat in a field picking tomatoes in 90% humidity, or pouring concrete basement floors for homes in a new subdivision.  Nope, instead you’ll see them arranging penny drug deals in the parkette by your house, pushing an uncovered baby stroller through the wind with an obese two-year old, (who knows who the father is?), munching on McDonalds French fries, or generally polluting the sidewalks of your downtowns with foul language complaining about waiting for their next government support cheque.

Here’s a Regressive immigration policy – as many immigrants who want to come to Canada from countries like Mexico, Peru, Columbia, El Salvador etc, and who want to come here to work, we should let them in.  All of them.  The more of them, the more good people we add, the smaller the proportion of white trash in our population.

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