Premier JackAss

We were wondering when Premier Dad would say something about the Drummond report.

Well, now he has, and it seems not only will they not be implementing all the Drummond report recommendations, the Liberals will also not be raising taxes to pay for those programs they refuse to cut as per the aforementioned recommendations.

I guess that experiment growing money on trees in the Toronto Red Star basement Liberatory has been a smashing success, because where these idiots think they’re going to find the money to keep paying for all their wonderful sacred cows, like our medical system, is a mystery.

Denials, delusion, call it what you will, but the chickens have come home finally.  It’s expected that the Liberals will pull their best ostrich act and jam their head subsurface, hoping that this will all pass but for them, the truth of the matter is there is no divorcing fiscal conservatism and social libertarianism.  

When your first instinct as a governing party is to pass laws and regulations for everything under the sun, from anti-bullying legislation to making kids wear helmets 24/7, to grandiose subsidy schemes to create a green-energy manufacturing sector when there is no demand for one, the reality that all of these initiatives require government.  Laws need to be enforced, programs need to be monitored, subsidies need to be delivered. 

When you believe in activist government, you in turn surrender yourself to the need for more government and the costs of running more government.

Hence all these types who run around and say they are “fiscally conservative” but “socially liberal” are full of shit.  If you believe in government interference in peoples’ lives, you can’t believe in a fiscally prudent government.  The two are not compatible.

So, McGuinty is in a dilemma.  He can talk all he wants about reforming government, cutting costs, getting the fiscal house in order.  But so long as he is a believer in government as a deliverer of solutions to all manners of problems, big and small, he can never really pull it off.

What the Drummond report did was indicate that we need to get weaned off activist government.  That is a massive culture shift, and at the center of that culture is the Ontario Liberals.  They won’t change.  McGuinty won’t change.

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