Regressive Redux – University is Useless

Matt Gurney is a great columnist.  Here is a great story about student debt, and the prospects some students have coming out of university.

No kidding.  We wrote about this whole thing in one of our very first blog postings on this site – most university degrees are worthless.  Most kids going to school aren’t studying for technical or even professional degrees; they’re going into arts or general sciences.  And there ain’t any jobs for those people.

So, as Gurney points out, we get excessive graduation rates of students with education that has zero demand, but then we graduate 6,000 fewer IT professionals than there are jobs for, as an example of where we’ve gone wrong with pushing kids into university.

You know what?  IT is hard.  It requires some brainpower, some discipline, some ability in mathematics, logical algorithmic thinking.  Not exactly the best traits of so many Canadian kids.

No, as Adam Carolla so aptly described in his famous anti-Occupy rant on his internet show, we are dealing with a generation of losers who were raised by a system and parents who thought enhancing their self-esteem was their preeminent need if they were going to “succeed” in life.  And so, given that math and science are very exact disciplines, and there’s no fuzzy feel-good answers, there is only right and wrong, and that sometimes getting to those answers requires a lot of hard work and thinking (ouch, my poor lil’ brain), they were allowed to pass on math and science or give it short shrift in their studies.  Because heaven forbid they experienced failure and frustration, growing up.  Every fat kid gets a participation trophy in sports, every illiterate gets pushed through high school with the same diploma as immigrant kids who actually work their asses off to get great grades.

And so our kids go into the arts.  Or social sciences.  And they rack up huge student debt, graduate and realize nobody wants to hire them except to greet people at Wal-Mart, do telemarketing or twirl around a pole at Cheetah’s.  And then, because they’re up the creek without a paddle, they delay buying houses, starting families and purchasing big ticket goods.  And that’s not good for the economy.

So, it’s time for someone at the top political level to start musing about this out loud, and wondering if we’re giving our kids a bum steer on so many different levels.  But in the meantime, take some regressive advice kids – avoid going to university unless you are 100% certain there’s a job for you on the other end.

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