Drawing Guns?!? Obviously a Redneck, Lock’em Up.

So, a Kitchener man’s daughter draws a gun at school, and the school notifies the police.  (Draws, we should note, as in with a crayon and paper). Then the police, three (three!!!) officers, no less, arrest the man when he comes to school to pick up his kids, and throw him in jail for several hours.  They make his wife come to the police station with their 15 month old child, while the other two kids are taken to Family Services.  Nobody tells the man or his wife what is happening.  Then he’s strip searched.  No shit.  Later, he’s released with an apology (wow thanks, everything is better now) but they still ask him to sign a consent for them to search his house for weapons.

All of this just because his four year old daughter drew a picture of her daddy shooting at gun at bad guys.

We have to contrast this story with the story yesterday about a study and action plan commissioned by the Downtown Kitchener business association.  The action plan is a response to a recent survey of Kitchener and region residents who said that downtown was still perceived as “seedy”, “sketchy”, and not generally a place they want to live or do business.  So, of course the action plan is filled with all sorts of bullshit promises of redevelopment, bringing in technology hubs, streetscaping blah blah blah.

Tell you what – we’ll save you some money and time, no need for any further studies; People think downtown Kitchener is sketchy, because it is assholes

Perception matches reality.  On any given day, in broad daylight, you can see drug deals going down in front of City Hall, prostitutes at the corner of Cedar and King, teenage panhandlers boldly berating people who walk by them.  White trash with their pants hanging off their asses, tattoos up the side of their necks crowding the sidewalks.  Homeless people, sleeping in the entrances to coffee shops, so that you have to literally step over the drug addicts to get into a business.

So maybe, just maybe, if you want to clean up downtown Kitchener, maybe you should think of getting these assholes off the street, putting an end to the petty crimes and vandalisms downtown, arresting the hookers and losers.

But no… that stuff, police have no time for.  Sending three police officers to a school to arrest a father because his four year old daughter drew a gun?  They’re all over it.  Hey, this dude might be a redneck with guns at home!  Shooting bad guys no less!  That’s the job of police (or at least it used to be), we can’t have that!

Twenty, thirty years ago, kids used to pretend to shoot guns at each other, have sword fights with sticks, play pirate and soldier games.  Oh my God.  How did we ever grow up to be decent people?

Thank goodness our police now recognize who the true criminals are these days.

Advice to all parents going forward; only expose your kids to unicorns, fairies, ponies, gay pride parades and NDP economics.  All the rest is bad, and could get you arrested.

PS – we could have commented on the teachers and school board here, but what’s the point?  There are some pretty ridiculous rules the teachers have to follow, they were mandated to report a girl drawing a gun.  It’s assine, and shows no moral courage, but to be honest, not unexpected.  The bar is so low for our education system as it is.

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