Regressive Redux – We Eez So Incompitent Now

It seems to be a bit of theme that we’ve touched on before, but if they keep coming out with this stuff, then we guess it’s our place to respond.

Yet another genius, slaving away in his psych lab deep in the bowels of an academic institution (Cornell in this case), has provided this gem of deduction; that people are generally incapable of recognizing or admitting their own incompetency or inabilities, and have inflated opinions of their actual abilities, that doesn’t match reality. 

Fair enough you say, we didn’t need a psychology professor to tell us this – we all personally know deluded people.  American Idol has made millions showcasing deluded people who think they can sing, when they’re actually just causing the ears of dogs nearby to bleed profusely.  We live in an age of common delusion, it’s what you get when a society stops speaking plainly, worrying about offending anyone or freaks at the idea of correcting kids in school.  We here in Ontario have a deluded Premier, and a deluded citizenry who elected him.  But we digress.

Anyway, then Professor Dunning adds in this bit of observation;

“This inherent inability to accurately gauge our own level of knowledge may be an underlying cause of many of society’s ills, including climate change denialism, Dunning said.”

Wait a minute.  So he basically says incompetent people don’t know when they are unknowledgeable about something, and then he goes and makes a judgment statement about climate change.

So, if you are a “climate denier”, then you are simply a stupid and incompetent person, who doesn’t know when to keep his/her mouth shut and bow down and acquiesce to the David Suzukis and Al Gores of the world, who are the true experts.

It’s a self-serving principle.  I’m an expert; you are not, so if you disagree with me it is because you are ignorant.  One can’t win that argument.

Except that ummm… he’s a psychologist.  David Suzuki is a geneticist, not a climate change scientist.  Al Gore is a former politician.   Hypocrisy?

Again, the progressive left show their ravenous desire to stifle debate and free speech.  A couple of weeks ago, it was right wingers have lower IQs – why should progressives then have to bother debating morons?  Now it’s if you don’t defer to “experts” in whatever the topics, then you are ignorant and not recognizing your own incompetence to process the facts.  Why should they bother to discuss anything further with you?

The moral vanity of the progressive left has no limits.  They are on the side of the angels, after all. 

The Four Pillars of Progressive Thought are; the Brotherhood of Man, the Triumph of Learning and Reason over Faith and Natural Law, Social Peace through Social Equilibrium and Man in Harmony with the Environment.   And at the Centre, where all these principles intersect is Purity – purity of thought being paramount.  Because, who could argue with a world centered on those principles?  Why, if you do disagree, you must be evil.  And hence it’s justifiable to denigrate your opinions, your intellect and your morality, and the use of pseudo-science to promote discrimination against those who hold contrary opinions.

Ah well.  Perhaps that is a fight that can’t ever be truly won.  But here’s a Regressive Idea in the meantime; in 2020, if the Himalayas still have glaciers, if there are no islands in the south Pacific that have been overtopped by the rising oceans, if we’re not experiencing droughts and rampant forest fires every year, then we would like all of these climate change clowns, including Professor Dunning, who think us skeptics are part of society’s ills, to be rounded up and imprisoned for being condescending assholes who were wrong.   We can’t wait for history to show them wrong – again.

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