Wow, The Climate Changers Are Really Stretching Now

At times we’re at something of a loss on how to treat all the climate change bullshit that gets passed off as news; we here at RA being very proudly in the denier camp.  And we have a real hard time stomaching the sanctimonious preaching, the needless alarmism and the rampant hypocrisy from the climate changers of the world.

Take for example this article bemoaning the impending, inevitable end of pond hockey in Canada, all because we haven’t enacted Kyoto.  Seriously.  The article goes so far as to threaten us with never having another Wayne Gretzky ever again!  My God, Stephen Harper, aren’t you a hockey fan?  How can you in good conscience allow this to happen?  Would you stop with the robocalls just long enough to weep with the rest of us for the hundreds of thousands of displaced outdoor hockey players in our country?

Now admittedly, we’ve had a pretty warm winter here in Ontario, not warm enough to melt Heather Mallick’s brain, but pretty warm.  Reasonable people might say, OK, it happens once in a while.  And you know, last year we had a pretty stiff winter, lots of snow and plenty of downright cold days (yeah, funny how short some memories are).  And even this year, while sure we had a warm winter here, just look across the pond – Europe has had a very cold winter (yeah, funny how myopic some people’s vision is).  Lots of snow.  Lots of freezing temperatures.  They’ve had a much colder winter than normal.

So, the law of averages would seem to indicate, all is good.  And perhaps we should consider applying the law of averages over years and decades and see how we pan out.  Turns out if we did that, we’d all see things are just fine – but umm… that doesn’t work with the climate changers’ agenda, so we’ll just ignore that, along with a thousand years of climate data so we can produce incredible hockey-stick graphics for Al Gore to lie about.

And one last thing that struck as absurd in the article – how many kids are playing hockey outdoors anyways?  The article had to go all the way back to Wayne Gretzky, circa the 1970’s to find an example of a superstar raised on outdoor rinks.  With all the things kids have these days  – Xbox, Playstation, cable TV, the internet, Blu-Ray DVDs… how many kids are we talking about here?  That’s its own sad commentary on society today.

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