RoboFord: How Rob Ford, Robocalls and Newton’s 3rd Law Relate

We’ll start this post with a high-minded philosophical preamble before we get to Rob Ford and the Robocalls scandal, but you’ll have to bear with us for a bit here.

We’ve mentioned in several posts of the past how basically all of the beliefs and worldviews of the progressive left can be distilled into four basic principles that we call the Pillars of Progressivism; the Brotherhood of Man, the Triumph of Learning and Reason over Faith and Natural Law, Social Peace through Social Equilibrium and Man in Harmony with the Environment.

When you look at these core principles from which almost every leftist idea or fad can be derived, you have to think – those are pretty noble.  Those are “good” ideals really, and only if you’re particularly religious would you have issue with the one principle.

So, on the surface it’s hard to argue with them, until you think more deeply about it and decide that what it describes is a perfect world, utopia, which would have to be populated by perfect people to be lasting.

And therein is where it fails – people are not perfect.  So you have imperfect people trying to impose, through government coercion largely, a “perfect” world, and ultimately it doesn’t work.  It is a disaster in the making and the only difference between liberals, socialists and communists is the speed at which they would send society into the brink.

True small “c” conservatives don’t dispute the ideals that progressives are aiming for, but instead they argue that these should be personal, individual ideals.  People are not perfect, and hence when we give them the power (and money) to enforce high-minded principles on others, the result is usually corruption, abuse and a loss of freedom.  Thus the fundamental reason why  (true) conservatives are for limited government and individual rights above collective rights, and the preservation of social contracts and institutions (such as churches) to empower the individual with the resources and support to deal with difficulties of life, and not be looking to the state for cradle to grave protection.

But coming back to the progressive left – you can see then why they feel morally in the right, on the side of the angels.  And anyone who opposes their worldviews must logically be then evil, stupid or both.

And it’s all in-bounds then when it comes to personal attacks or denigrating right-wingers as having lower IQ’s or being racist, or attacking their children, as when comedian Louis CK talks about Sarah Palin as a “c**t with a retard-making c**t”.   No problem, when the left does it, but if a conservative comedian, say Jeff Foxworthy or Adam Carolla, were to say something along those lines in a routine about a leftist politician, wow, the blowback would be way different, wouldn’t it?

So, we come to Rob Ford and the desperate effort to “impeach” him, based on his having raised $3,100 for a junior football team using official letterhead essentially.  It’s all good, in the left’s eyes, because regardless of the reason, getting Rob Ford out of office in Toronto is the end result.  Get the fat, anti-union, redneck buffoon out of office.

Oh, and it’s OK to mock Rob Ford’s staffer as a Musollini Nazi “black shirt”, and then issue a half-ass apology for the offended staffer overhearing a “private” conversation.

Andrew Coyne recently wrote about the moral wasteland that has become the political scene here in Canada, and elsewhere to that extent.  The context of his article was the Robocalls scandal, and the apparent depth to which the Conservative party was willing to stoop to swing the vote in some key ridings.  But the Robocalls scandal we think we can explain (not excuse) given the context of everything we’ve just discussed and considering Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion that says;

“To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction: or the forces of two bodies on each other are always equal and are directed in opposite directions”

So then, say you are conservative, and every day you are confronted with a cabal of left-leaning or left-sympathizing media, society elites, celebrities and academics that feel it fair and appropriate to mock and demonize you and your beliefs regularly, with impunity, claiming that not only are you wrong, you are too stupid for us to bother debating – how do you react?  We think the Robocalls scandal shows us part of the answer to that question – you abandon some of your own ethics and descend into guerrilla warfare, because if they aren’t going to play fair, then why should you? 

And hence here we are at this point in our history.  And it ain’t looking too good for the future.

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