Riots ‘r Us – Part II

Sometimes we have to scratch our heads, what would be a good topic for a decent blog posting today?  And it’s not always obvious, or maybe we have too much to talk about, which is paralyzing in its own way, since we don’t have unlimited time to write (we actually have jobs, in the private sector, that pay, and family lives to boot), so it becomes a struggle to pick which story we want to talk about. 

We don’t just want to become another Kathy Shaidle ( ) linking people to articles that they may very well have been able to find on their own.   How she wins blogging awards, we’re not quite sure.  Good for her anyway.  Mark Steyn likes her, which is good enough in our books.

Regardless however, some days like today, the material, the topic, literally just falls into our lap.  And today is one of those days.  Easy work.

Yesterday, we posted a snippet of our blog as a comment on the National Post’s website story about the London riots.  It’s fun to do, and besides it does bring some traffic to our humble little website here.  (Incidentally, the best reactions we’ve gotten were to our postings about Ontario teachers, Toronto’s LRT vs. Subway debate, Gerald Kaplan and Zach Paikin.  Huh.  But we digress.)

So, here is the story on the Post website, but in particular, if you need a good laugh, go to the comments, and don’t just read our comment, but follow the serial commenting of one Sue McPherson.  We wonder sometimes if these types of comments are really the work of a prankster, satirizing leftist lunatics, writing things like the London riot;

“It’s best there be an investigation, although investigations are also politically motivated, so there’s no truly just way of doing this. To me, seeking out the underlying cause or influences would be helpful to understanding the circumstances. That kind of thing can be done, if it is in the best interests of the ruling class who may have something to lose. so I don’t expect to see it done here.”

And it goes on from there.  Rich stuff.  These types of persons really do exist.

So, out of curiousity, we googled Ms. McPherson and lo and behold she has a website, with a link to her blog.  A sampling of the wisdom found on her blog is as follows, commenting on the London riots again, the riot;

“…was a reflection of the disillusionment of youth. One woman whose home neighboured on the site of the riot said that the vandals were singing O Canada as they watched the CTV news vehicle go up in flames…”

Oh, brother.  The deranged mind that would try to shoehorn political protest and existential angst of the young onto an event that was clearly a drunken anarchic mess of young morally vacant losers is something to encounter.

But then, if you read her life story, and see that she never once mentions a respectable, paying job that she’s had, that basically her life has been in pursuit of higher academic accreditation in Womyn’s and Social Studies (a useless field, sorry, of no benefit to society at large), that she is seemingly obsessed with the topics of ageism, feminism and the Polytechnique killings committed by one Gamil Gharbi, an Algerian muslim – not representative of your common North American male in any respect –  we have to wonder; how many Sue McPherson’s are there out there?  How many are clogging our university system, living off government grants and hand-outs and then polluting our political discourse with absolute drivel?  Probably more than we’d like to know.  But once in a while they pop their head up and give us endless entertainment with their hilariously insane views on events.

Rock on Sue.  Keep chasing that MA in a useless degree and reading noble causes into the actions of drunk punks.


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