Unplug the Judges? They’re Already Disconnected.

We’re back. 

There have been a few benefits to not having a blog entry for two weeks, one being that some subjects that we may have originally wanted to comment on have undergone additional marinating under the steady drip of more similar and related stories since, thus turning what may have been simply a one-off commentary into a thematic type of entry.

So at first we wanted to write about  the absurd Graham James verdict, where a very public, well-known and confessed pedophile is essentially slapped on the wrists, instead of the opportunity being taken to use this celebrity case to demonstrate that pedophilia and the abuse of a position of power will not be tolerated.  But as Christie Blatchford writes, the sentence is actually nothing out of the ordinary.  Ah, our wonderful courts and the judgments rendered.

But then we were provided the gift of the story where the highest court of the land says that aboriginal culture and its history of deprivation and repression warrants consideration when sentencing violent aboriginal criminals.  Yes, indeed; we all knew from Caledonia that there were two unofficial sets of laws and enforcement, one for natives and another for the rest of us.  Now it is official.  Bring out the fireworks, queue the celebration.

And of course, shortly thereafter  we observe the natural consequences of a racist, demeaning and discriminatory guidance from “progressive” judges – a bus driver is beaten in Vancouver by a drunken parole-violating, previously-convicted-for-assault native person, the bus driver has lost his job, lost his cognitive function and now, with the non-sentence the judge gave the thug, he has lost his dignity.

Oh, but the merry-go-round in outer space continues… wondering what a really fulfilling career for your daughter might be when she grows up?   Why not a hooker sex worker?  Well, the stories keep-a-comin’, and now in Canada, prostitution… it’s legal, all good.  For that 3% of hookers who don’t have a pimp or a drug habit or deportation threats hanging over their head that is.  Funny how in Holland, where prostitution has been legalized for a long time now, a recent poll of “sex workers” resulted in 97% saying they would get out of the business if they could.  Did we just legalize a form of slavery?  In a way we did…

How about, just for the sake of fond memories, we remind people of the judge who after overseeing the trial of Elaine Campione, a mother who killed her own two children, decided to rip into the husband for being the root cause of the tragedy by abusing his wife.  He did this despite the fact that there was not one shred of evidence that this was the case.  None.  But why should “facts” cloud a judge’s judgment on the matter.  It’s what he felt.  He’s seen enough Hollywood movies, TV and Dr. Phil shows to know, without actually being told so, that she must have been abused to cause her to do something so twisted.

And that about sums up what has happened to our legal system in Canada.  Why our federal government seems to believe that minimum sentences, no matter how inane or inappropriate are the way to go.  It’s because no one believes in our justice system anymore to produce proper and appropriate sentencing for our criminals.  The judges can’t be trusted.  They exist in another reality with paisley-coloured skies and marshmallow trees.

Rehabilitation of the criminal is bullshit, quite frankly.  Punishment is what is called for in most cases – have we forgotten this as a society?  A huge swath of our society needs to have a healthy fear of the law.  With rulings like these, judges like we have in this country, why be afraid of the law?  Do what you want.  We’re sure somewhere in your past, your forefathers were somehow repressed or discriminated against, or perhaps you were wronged and abused, or maybe you’re involved in a “profession” that just needs to have people open their eyes to the new libertine ways of the world.   And if that’s the case, get before a judge and you’ll be sure to get off in Canada.

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