Cutting Government Waste

If we’re serious about reducing government waste – give the government less money to waste.  It’s so obvious.

A lot of people on the right think tax cuts are a cure-all for every ill we face; jump starting our economic sluggishness, encouraging investment and savings, curing diabetes and getting the Maple Leafs back into the playoffs. 

Sure low taxes would probably help with some of these things, and morally people should be allowed to keep what they earn and spend it as they wish, but there’s also been a number of studies and polls of business leaders and entrepreneurs to suggest that a low tax regime isn’t as critical as suggested by some on the right.

Nope – the single biggest and best reason to lower taxes is that it limits the financial abilities of government to engage in social and economic engineering schemes that it has no business getting into.  Or at least it should, if you factor out deficit financing.  But that’s another topic and discussion on the morality of borrowing from grandchildren to pay for today’s lifestyle.

Less government meddling in our lives and business is good for prosperity all around.   And there are no geniuses in government – there is incompetence at every level, same as there would be in any other walk of life.

Now, case in point, the federal Conservatives seemed to have wasted, or overspent and underreported rather, $10 billion of our taxpayer’s money on an order for jet fighter planes.  Not good, naturally, and the left in the country are crying about the either incompetence or ignorance of those in charge that would allow this to happen under their watch.

But alas, wasting taxpayer money is not something unique to the Conservatives is it… the Liberals in Ontario seem to have a habit of wasting taxpayer’s money (ORNGEeHealth?) and the federal Liberals have a wonderful glorious, history of pissing our money down the drain; $3.5 billion for the long-gun registry, $1 billion on the HRDC that went completely unaccounted for, and on and on.

Yet, every election cycle, how many politicians talk about cutting waste, “finding efficiencies” in Rob Ford parlance, and trimming the fat?  They all say it, because what it would mean is a magic money tree that grows in the backyard, and they won’t have to do the hard work of cutting services or raising taxes to pay for whatever promises they’d made.

So, they each campaign on the idea that they are better administrators of our money, better managers than the other guys, when in fact there is no proof or evidence that this would be the case.   They all come from similar backgrounds (lawyers mostly, career politicians many).  They all have policy platforms different from each other by degrees, not magnitudes.  They all will enjoy the same advice of civil servants who are constants from one government to the next.  And they all have track records of flushing our money down the drain when they’re in power.

So?  Are we doomed to just seeing these waste scandals pop up every couple months?  Is it just inevitable?

It doesn’t have to be this way.  Just give government less money.  They’ll still waste it, but they’ll waste less.

Small “c” conservatives (should) hold as a core belief that it is unhealthy to concentrate power and money in the hands of a few, regardless of the good intentions when that power was granted, because inevitably it leads to corruption, abuses of that power, infringements on individual rights and freedoms and disaster. 

Conservatives (should) believe in small government that has strict limitations on its powers. 

We keep saying (should) in brackets, because our current federal Conservatives haven’t to this point in time demonstrated that they believe in these things, so sadly we must say that they are not true conservatives.  CINO – Conservative In Name Only.

When will we hear from a conservative politician in this country who has the balls to say government doesn’t have all the solutions, government needs to get smaller, we need to cut taxes and then we need to restrict government’s ability to levy new taxes or increase existing ones in the future.  Then, we might have less wasting of our tax money.

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