Is Rob Ford Being Bullied?

We all know the Toronto Red Star has an active, ongoing smear campaign against Rob Ford.  And the left in the city can’t stand him to the point where they are trying to legally get him impeached for improperly using Toronto mayoral letterhead to solicit what turned out to be a mere $3,100 for donations to a high-school football program.  Horrors.

And now they gleefully catch the fat man coming out KFC when he’s missed the last two weigh-ins for his weight loss challenge (he gained weight at the last weigh in… Uh oh).

And then, of course it’s Pink Shirt week, and the gay activists, being the bullies that they are (ironic, isn’t it)  are using the opportunity to jump on Fat Rob and wonder if he’s going to commit to coming to this year’s Pride Parade in Toronto, when last year he skipped the parade to attend a “family outing”.

Our thoughts are this; firstly, if he gets laughed at for coming out of a KFC with a bucket of chicken, he did this to himself by publicly saying he was going to lose weight, so deal with it.

Secondly, Ford brings gay heat on himself by not being honest and coming out and saying that the Pride parade is basically bullshit – it isn’t about gay rights or tolerance, it’s about celebrating the fringe elements of modern gay culture, from men wearing banana hammocks simulating orgies on floats, to half-naked, hairy fat men wearing sado-masochist gear, Queers Against Israeli Apartheid and outrageous drag queens.  He should just say that it’s not the kind of event he wants to associate himself with.  And besides, what kind of reception is he going to get on the route?  He’ll be jeered the whole way. 

Why bother… sure he’s being bullied, but by the same token he’s not standing up for himself.  And isn’t that the good old fashioned cure for bullying – stand up, kick and scrap and don’t let yourself get pushed around, even if it means landing only one punch for every two you take.

Environmental Laughers

We wish we were more in tune with our environmentally conscious side so we could have done more Earth Week appropriate postings this week.

Alas, we are left with laughing at some of the preposterous crap that gets shoveled out by the Globe and Fail, complete with all the trite over-the-top statements that will get ooh’s and aahhh’s from group-think simpletons on the progressive left.

Well, just look at the authors – Devon Page is executive director of Ecojustice. Peter Robinson is CEO of the David Suzuki Foundation.

We also like also how in their piece they cite that in Argentina the citizen’s right to clean water meant some industries had to stop operating.  Awesome.  Clean water, but no money for food, because jobs are gone.  But wait… these are probably the same idiots who thing there’s such a thing as a “right to food”.

Oh, and what “massive” industrial pollution?  In CHINA?  In INDIA?  In RUSSIA?  Countries that the Progressive Left openly admire?   No, they’re talking about here in North America… these idiots are so lost in nostalgic thinking and live in the 70’s it’s not even funny.  The fact is these days there is no “massive industrial pollution” – you can’t even fart in this country without a permit from the Ministry of Environment.  We are making immense progress on cleaning our environment, cleaning our water, our air and preserving our natural areas.  Anyone who would deny that we live in a cleaner North America than 10, 20 or 50 years ago is practicing outright intellectual dishonesty.

Avert Your Eyes

Just gaze upon the horrific mural some poor misled student at Pilgrim High School in Rhode Island drew – a father, mother and child.  How offensive.  We expect this student will be sent off to some remote camp for sensitivity training and a complete mind-wipe of any of these (wrong) notions of what a family looks like.

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