Eat the Rich? Watching Them Eat Each Other Would Be Way Cooler

So, if you confiscate all of the wealth of the 1% – the richest of the rich – doesn’t that just create a new 1%?  The ones that were in the 99th percentile just behind the 1%, won’t they then inherit the mantle of the new 1%?  And so you would think it would go, on and on until the guy slinging coffee at Starbucks is lording it over his friends about the loonie that got dropped in his tip jar.  Trump-wannabe.

Alas, Premier Dad has caved in to the useless notion that the rich aren’t paying their fair share, and has capitulated to the NDP in an effort to save his minority government.  There’s really no need for us to go into the detail as to why these higher rates on the “rich” don’t work, and in the end pay for very little.

But there really is an appetite to “eat the rich”, or kill them, so to speak.  Which got us to thinking – there’s a real wasted opportunity here.  Not only can the government get what it wants in terms of popular sentiment, it could distract the populace from its bad governance by creating its own version of the Hunger Games or the Running Man – the 1% Hoot for the Loot, or some other cool name.

Every year, we gather all the top 1% of income earners, and put them on some secluded island in the north, and we tell them that only one may escape alive – and that one gets to keep his wealth.  All the rest who die?  The government confiscates their wealth. 

We rig the island with all sorts of closed circuit TV and we drop boxes of food, weapons and clothing in random spots and then we watch every night as the 1 Percenters kill each other.  Great fun – we hate ‘em anyways, right?

And then we get to do it all the next year, because with all but one of the 1% killed the year previous – there will be a new 1%.

Awesome.  Just think of the social benefits, not the mention the additional revenues gained from the gambling revenue and the economic spin-offs like video games, t-shirts and other paraphernalia.  We’re emailing this idea to Obama and Harper.  A sure winner.

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