Political Prostitution Never Ends

Here’s the thing about Michael Ignatieff – he was probably in the wrong party all along.  His political leanings aren’t progressive since in the past he’s advocated some fairly neo-con positions with regards to the war in Iraq and other issues.  But he got intoxicated with the idea that the Natural Governing Party of Canada, the Liberals, wanted him as leader, and barring Stephane Dion, a fool, there had never been a Liberal leader that didn’t make it to be Prime Minister.

Now, he’s taking heat for stating a completely rational opinion, which is that Quebec will probably separate in our future. 

We don’t agree, specifically with this assessment for a number of reasons, mainly because Quebec is addicted to $8 billion a year in transfer money from the rest of the country, but Quebec aside, only a national narcissist would insist that our country will be exactly the same in fifty or a hundred years from now, as it is now.  We’d argue it more likely that the West separates from the rest of Canada before Quebec leaves. 

Take Ontario for example – how is it kosher for the indefinite future that Toronto dictates to the rest of the province that we have to live with Liberal government after Liberal government when huge swaths of the province are sick of the Liberals, and of Toronto-centric policies?  Why is it inconceivable that we not have a Southwest Ontario Secessionist Party in the future?  Or Northern Ontario?  Or a more formal movement to have Toronto separate, rather than just the musings of Giorgio Mammoliti?

But back to Ignatieff – he obviously was lying to us the entire time he was in politics.  The things he said on the campaign trail and in opposition were clearly not his thoughts.  We cannot have any respect for someone who clearly subverted his own thoughts so the Liberal handlers could mold him into something he wasn’t – a progressive stooge.  He was never the leader of the Liberal party; he was a puppet of the left-wing who hijacked the party during the Dion run at the top. 

Then the Star had an article claiming that “Ignatieff never understood Canada”.  Funny.  Isn’t that what the Conservatives said throughout the entire election… only then it was called an attack ad.

So, on the one hand we respect and applaud Iggy’s newfound openness and opinion.  But on the other hand we are dismayed at the apparent way he prostituted himself for the sake of political power.

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2 thoughts on “Political Prostitution Never Ends

  1. Checkyourhistory says:

    Stephen Dion and Michael Ignatieff are 2nd and 3rd Liberal leaders (not including the interim leaders) to never become Prime Minister since Confederation. Edward Blake was the first. If really want, you can lump George Brown in there at the time of Confederation and then Ignatieff becomes the 4th.


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