Profiles in Loser-hood

The National Post wrote a piece on the Quebec student riots protests that for once made note of what some of the participants of this “strike” are actually studying at university.  And then later on in the Financial Post section, Diane Francis had one of her rare good pieces, this time daring to say that some degrees are “useless”.  We would agree and have said as much on several past occasions, here and here.  Also, here’s an entertaining take on university from someone who is also pushing the case that modern university is a waste of time.

So let’s consider this when recapping the profiles of a few of the parasites protestors;

  • Veronique Boulanger-Vaugeois is 30 and unemployed.  Her major?  Social work.  We’re shocked she’s unemployed.  A useless degree.  And not coincidentally – a field of work that we’d suggest likely 99% of social workers are ultimately employed by government;
  • Aurelie Pedron, a mother of two, completing her master’s degree in dance.  For Christ’s sake, talk about a useless degree.  Even if this woman gets a job in dance after she’s done with her degree she will a) more than likely make peanuts like 95% of those in the “arts” and thus be bitter about financial burden of having to raise two young kids and pay off student loans and b) will have a job that is more than likely be reliant on government grants for the arts…;
  • Antoine S-Christin, a student in environmental geography.  What the f*ck is that?  A useless degree, anything with the tag “environmental” in front of the field is bound to be bullshit.  And what’s with the stupid hyphenated single letter in the last name?
  • Rachelle Gagne, a 20 year old political science student.  What does a degree in political science qualify a person to do exactly?  Nothing in the private sector, that’s for sure.   More or less a useless degree;
  • Yannick Ross, pictured on the front of the paper with a nose ring thus self-identifying himself as a freak, is a performance artist.  We don’t even know if he’s actually a student, so hard to say if he’s got a useless degree, but let’s just go with Mr. Ross has a useless job, and a useless outlook on the world;
  • Fabrice Pinard, is doctoral student in psychology.  Totally useless – psychologists are part of the problem, not the solution;

What a cross-section of teat-sucking parasites, all of whom will never collectively create a dime of wealth in their lives that benefit anyone other than themselves.  It’s frankly disgusting that we’re subsidizing any of these self-indulgent, overgrown adolescents with their work-averse studies.

The article closes with some quotes from Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, who on CTV said the protests were about accessibility to education.  The CTV reporter rightly pointed out that higher education in Quebec is the most accessible in North America, to which he responds “but it will be less accessible”.

Let’s ask the question then – is that such a bad thing?  Does university need to be accessible?  Accessibility to higher education would be an issue worth fighting for if it could be proven that having access to university for the broadest swath of young people was critical to the economy, our prosperity and improving the job prospects and upward mobility of people.  But if anything these protests and the Occupy movement have shown that university education is not critical to anything – it saddles these people with debt pursuing useless degrees, it produces people with degrees that more less can only lead to government make-work jobs and it diverts financial and human resources from where we need them most – trades, sciences, engineering, nursing and technology.

So, looking at the cross-section of losers comprising the Quebec protests, remembering the crying during the Occupy heyday, and reading story after story about student debt, we can only reiterate what others are starting to say, and we’ve said before – university is useless.  $1600 over 7 years?  Raise tuition $16,000 instead and society will benefit.

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