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Regressive Lexicon

The left has a tremendous knack for hijacking the English language and either inventing new terms, obscuring the meaning of existing terms or downright banning them, such as the recent absurdity in England, where a British MP wants to ban the use of the terms “obese” and “fattie” and have the use of such terms labeled as a hate crime.  We suppose then we’d be led away in handcuffs after our posting last Thursday.

A perfect example of the hijacking of the language is the use of the term “progressive” to describe the grab-bag of leftist ideas and followers.  By taking ownership of that term, anyone who opposes their views must therefore be the opposite of progressive… and hence the name of our blog.

Regardless, in an effort to be proactive in this battle over language, we introduce our first installment of the Regressive Lexicon, just a few terms that we offer up for everyday use by those who joyfully practice regressivism.

jabi (ja-bee)

1    / / noun: jabi

  1. 1.      acronym:  for “just a bad idea” We think that is jabi. Or We think that is just a bad idea.
  2. 2.      meaning: an idiotic or ridiculous set of principles or thoughts, typically held by persons with a leftist ideological worldview

2    / / verb : to jabi, jabied, jabified

  1. 1.      meaning: to be bamboozled, beholden or subject to a ridiculous notion. You’ve been jabied by this anarchy shit, ‘yo.

Dirty Harry (der-tee hare-ee)

1    / / noun:

  1. 1.      meaning: lead character in a series of gritty cop movies (“Dirty” Harry Callahan) portrayed by actor Clint Eastwood.  Did you see that Dirty Harry movie?

 Not to be mistaken with:

Dirty Hairy (der-tee hare-ee)

1    / / noun:

  1. 1.      meaning: a female protester who takes part in the “Occupy Wall Street” movement or any other progressive cause.  Reference to general lack of hygiene and proper grooming, including but not exclusive to the growth of armpit and leg hair, usually done in defiance of the male patriarchy.  Did you see the Dirty Hairy with the red patch walking around downtown?

 Che-hole (chey-hole)

    / noun:

  1. 1.      meaning:  typically refers to a douchebag teenager, university student or any progressive demonstrator who proudly wears a Che Guevara T-shirt, even though they have no idea who the he was or what he stood for.  Look at that Che-hole riding his skateboard through the parking garage.

Fawkestwit (Fah-k-s-twit)

   / noun:

  1. meaning: protestor idiot who parades around in Guy Fawkes mask, not understanding that the true historical character was a devout Catholic who attempted to restore the Catholic monarchy to England, but instead mistakenly believe that he is solely the character as portrayed in the movie and graphic novel “V for Vendetta”.    It was a bunch of Fawkestwits who threw stones at the police last night.

So, feel free to use these terms in your day-to-day conversations with other like-minded people, or even with the office leftie who will look at you confused and hurt because you’ve begun to hijack the language back from their kin.  And if anyone has any suggestions for more additions to the Regressive Lexicon, please submit them so that we can share with the world.


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Fun Times with CUPE

Yesterday, one of us (Ram) went to attend a meeting at the Region of Peel municipal headquarters, in Brampton, Ontario (a city of about half million, just outside Toronto for those unfamiliar with the GTA).  We’re both in consulting, so meetings with government representatives are a regular occurrence for us.  We say no more on that front, lest we jeopardize our livelihoods (and our privacy).

What was unique yesterday though is that the Region of Peel Human Resources workers are on strike, extending now into its second week, so they were out in front of the building in force, even at 9:00 AM on a Wednesday morning.  The whole episode of getting in and out of the meeting was a head shaker, which I’m sure many many others have had to endure with union strikes, and what we’re going to describe is probably not unique, but here goes with our tale and observations;

  • First, they let Ram into the visitor parking lot, with no issues.  The Red Sea parted for the Porsche with not a problem (well, not a Porsche really, we can’t afford one since we don’t have friends in the Ontario Liberal party to grease for big contracts or plum positions in ORNGE or eHealth… but we’re off topic).  They were clearly blocking deliveries into the employee underground parking lot and the delivery bays under the building, but hey awesome!  They look like they’re going to leave “innocent” visitors alone; it didn’t look like anyone was getting held up getting in or out of the visitors parking!  But it was a trap…
  • Next – just observing – it appeared the sampling of workers on the picket line was not going to do anything to dissuade someone of union stereotypes – easily two thirds of the protestors were obese.  No word of a lie.  Just sayin’.  You draw your own inferences.   All were female too.  Paging Richard Simmons.
  • It looked like a grand old party.  They had a stereo and speakers alternately blasting Michael Jackson dance songs with Twisted Sister (“We’re Not Gonna Take It!”… what an awesome union anthem).  They had a barbeque set up, there were coolers and lawn chairs and CUPE flags everywhere.  Lots of fun to be on the picket line today, although maybe the choice of music should have been from Sweatin’ to the Oldies (see above Richard Simmons reference);
  • At the meeting we were warned that upon leaving, we would be delayed between 7 and 20 minutes when we tried to leave.  Ah ha!  It was a f*cking trap after all!  Clever, clever union bastards.  In a twist on the Hotel California line “you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave”, they were holding up exits from the parking lot.  Of course we didn’t see that at 9AM – nobody was leaving.
  • Thoughts immediately turned to, “Well, if they try to hold me up, I’ll just run the fat bitches over, that’ll teach ‘em”.  Of course, it always sounds like a great idea right at the start, and gets the blood pumping, but then common sense comes in (because we’re conservative after all) and we resign ourselves to the fact that it probably wouldn’t be worth going to jail just to have the temporary satisfaction of running over a couple of union fatties.  Damn it.
  • So, now we’ve left the meeting, and are in a queue of cars waiting to exit the parking lot.  A (fat) union rep, wearing a safety vest and carrying a walkie-talkie and a clipboard approaches a couple of us consultants who’ve parked our cars in line (being environmentally conscious, we don’t want to let our Porsche engines idle and kill polar bears) and are sipping double-double Timmies we got at the cafeteria inside the building.  She tells us we’re each going to be held up for 7 minutes apiece for information purposes, and thanks for our patience – and then walks away.

Firstly, where does the 7 minutes come from?  Who came up with that number?  Why not 3 minutes?  Why not 50 minutes?  Seven?  What the f*ck?  And how are they even legally allowed to impede traffic – why aren’t cops clearing them away?  This has become a regular tactic by unions, and it seems to have been accepted by the authorities and even the public at large.  But if we were to go into the middle of Dixie Road in Brampton, and try to hold up traffic, guaranteed the cops would be out there right away to arrest us.

Secondly, there was no information.  Not one from the gaggle of union fatties approached any of us in the queue to tell us why they were on strike, their reason for holding us up, or anything else.  It was a crock of shit.

  • Finally, after being held up for 35 minutes, a relatively short period given the horror stories of one and two hour delays we heard about, the small (well, small in number) group of strikers blocking the parking lot exit parted, and Ram was released.  And when driving by, the strikers waved and said “Thanks for waiting!” and smiled.

Jesus H.

And we haven’t even gone into any detail about the delivery driver who tried to circumvent the blockade, the capitulation by Brampton traffic to make Peel Centre Drive into a one-way street essentially to accommodate the queues of traffic the blockades are causing or a lot of other things we saw. 

Look, sympathy for unions is low already.  Their best before date was the early 1970’s when much of what unions used to fight for, became labour law.  Now they’re glorified gangsters.  And if they think blocking traffic, wasting people’s time is going to get them what they wanted, then they are wrong.  Because sentiment changed for everyone in that parking lot from, we hope this shit ends soon, to we hope these union assholes get crushed.

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Rights and Thugs

The violence and campaign of intimidation that is part of the Quebec student protests is surprising to some, and to others who are more familiar with the “progressive” left and its ugly step-sisters in the union movement, it’s just par for the course.  Leftists have a pathological bent towards being thugs and hooligans.  The ideology attracts those with superiority complexes, righteous anger and tin ears because it gives them moral license (in their minds) to engage in violent coercion for the sake of a greater cause.

Proof?  Let’s talk about “rights” as the left sees them, since one of the favourite cries these past 100 days has been the Quebec students’ “right to an education”.

We are not constitutional lawyers, but here goes; rights are a contract between people that is entered into voluntarily by all parties, all of whom can understand the contract and respect its practice.  (Hence there is no such thing as “animal rights” because humans cannot enter into a contract with animals.  We could tell the tiger we are acknowledging his rights, but he will likely eat us anyways.  No respect.  Well, what would you expect from a damn tiger…)

But more significantly, a true right requires nothing of another person, other than to respect it.  For example, if we respect your right to free speech, we do not have to build you a radio station to broadcast your views, we do not have to listen to you, and we do not have to read your words – we simply allow you to speak or write or sing or whatever.  It requires nothing of us to allow you to practice free speech.

So, in that context, let’s examine a few of the favourite “rights” that progressives like to take up the cause for;

  • The “right to food”.  Someone has to plant the food, harvest the food, process the food, bring the food to where people are.   So, these people are either coerced to do this, or they are paid to do this with money taxed from other people – just another form of coercion;
  • The “right to clean water”.  OK, if you mean preventing pollution of water sources.  But again, if what they mean is “potable, drinkable” water, then someone must draw the water, someone hast to clean it, someone build the watermains to deliver it;
  • The “right to a job”.  This is a good one.  Who is supposed to give people a job?  What kind of job, any job?  Again, somebody has to step up and provide people with something for this right to become a reality, and besides, most of these losers just want a “job” playing video games or braiding their underarm hair or some other useless activity they specialize in;
  • The “right to education”.  Obviously, somebody has to teach you if you have a right to an education.  And if they’re not volunteers, then someone has to pay those teachers.  And if there is a shortage of teachers and classroom space and you have trouble enrolling in Womyn’s Witchcraft 101, then someone has to pony up their money to hire more teachers and build more classrooms.  This requires a lot of stuff from a lot of us.

And it goes on and on; the right to the internet, the right to birth control, the right to housing, the right to not be offended etc. 

What this says about the progressive left, more than just demonstrating their naivety on what is, and isn’t a practical right, is their pathological tendency towards ideas that require coercion of people in order for them to make happen.  For the left to get any or all of these rights into practice, means they need to set up a hierarchy of rights, where property rights are at the bottom because they need your property, whether it be your money or your labour to achieve their goals, and if need be they will take it by force, because they are in the right, you are in the wrong.

And that is just a small part of what is on display in Quebec right now… yes, there is an element of spoiled brats involved.  But to say that is sum of what is going on would be incorrect.  We are witnessing the emboldened pathological left, demanding that we all do what they want, this time in the name of education, but it could be anything, really.

And in the end, they are showing what the left really are; thugs.

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Profiles in Loser-Hood… Now Playing in Ontario

We here at Regressive Analysis actually have jobs.  We haven’t yet figured out how to get the government to send us a cheque for writing this blog.  So in the interim while we construct our next entry, we provide for your reading amusement the latest turn of events in the Quebec student protests (no not, Michael Moore coming out in support, that’s a non-story really), but rather the Canadian Federation of Students appeal for the “strikes” to spread beyond Quebec and into Ontario.

See their letter below.

Note the names.  Note what they are doing, or who they are representing.  We need say nothing more.  The parasites are everywhere.

(By the way, when does the fumagation of York and Ryerson begin?  Just look at the infestation of cockroaches they have, ones that can apparently read and write no less… the end of the world is nigh when the cockroaches march!)

Support Quebec Students by Bringing the Movement to Ontario!

 To our representatives at the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) and affiliated student union locals,

 We the undersigned are writing to the CFS as proud student unionists and activists, as well as workers and community members who support the student movement in Canada.

 We write this letter asking that the CFS engage in a consistent and serious mobilizing effort to bring the Quebec student movement to the rest of Canada.

We believe that this is the best solidarity we can give our sisters and brothers in Quebec. We believe it is the obligation of the elected student leaders to build this movement, and we commit, as rank-and-file students, to support you.

After 12 weeks of strikes against massive tuition hikes, and facing massive police repression and brutality, the student movement in Quebec is forcing the government to budge. This is a heroic example.

We ask that the CFS begin mobilizing for a student strike in Ontario and the rest of Canada. A campaign of mass educationals, solidarity delegations and mass mobilizations should be used to lead up towards a student strike in Ontario. Bring the lessons of Quebec to Ontario.

Quebec has shown, again and again, that the only way to force concession from governments is to mobilize on a mass basis through a strike campaign and confront the government, not with postcards, but with action! Students and youth, as well as the working population in general, have been inspired by the Quebec movement.

We are therefore asking that our representatives at the CFS and affiliated locals immediately begin a campaign for free post-secondary education, and make preparations to carry out a strike ballot in the Fall of 2012.

A massive student movement in Ontario would show the Quebec students that they are not alone. It would strengthen the movement for free post-secondary education across Canada, and it would cut across the divisions created by the pro-business politicians and corporate press to weaken the student movement.

Our response to the race to the bottom; tuition fees across Canada should be immediately lowered to the levels in Quebec, as a step towards abolishing all tuition fees in the country.

Prepare for an Ontario-wide strike vote in the Fall of 2012!

Signed by:
1. Farshad Azadian, York Federation of Students (YFS) & Fightback (
2. Rashin Alizadeh, University of Toronto Students Union (UTSU) & Fightback
3. Solomon Muyoboke, Ryerson Student Union (RSU) & Fightback
4. Christine Montgomeria-Mione, York Federation of Students & Toronto Young New Democrats (TYND)
5. Jack Humphrey – Graduate Students Union & Fightback
6. Arash Azizi, University of Toronto Students Union (UTSU) & Fightback
7. Jahan Niroomand – York Federation of Students (YFS) and New Democrats of York University (NDYU)
8. Guled Arale – Toronto Young New Democrats (TYND)
9. Simone Akyianu – Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG – UofT)
10. Julian Benson – Fightback & OPSEU local 5108
11. Farid Azadian – Ryerson Students Union (RSU) & Ryerson University New Democrats (RUND)
12. Pedram Moss – York Federation of Students (YFS)
13. Donovan Ritch – Fightback & ATU local 113
14. Jennie Ernewein – Fightback & Ryerson University Alumni
15. Jon Ari – York Federation of Students (YFS) & Toronto Young New Democrats
16. Ahmed Daniyal – Humber Alumni
17. Alejandro Munoz – 4th Year Philosophy Student & York Federation of Students (YFS)
18. Linda Noorafkan – York Federation of Students (YFS) and Undergraduate Political Science Council
19. Mehdi Irani – CUPE 3903
20. Tanesha Darby – York Federation of Students (YFS)
21. Paul Elias – CUPE 3903
22. Aram Keyvani – York Federation of Students (YFS)
23. Sahel Zreik -Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) local 2002
24. Karina Rudenberg – York Federation of Students (YFS)
25. Arman Noory – Afghan-Iranian Youth Network
26. Basel Alchikh-Sulaiman – Ryerson Alumni & Fightback
27. Mobina Basiri – York Federation of Students (YFS) & Co-Chair of New Democrats of York University (NDYU)
28. Tea Celik – York Federation of Students (YFS) & Fightback
29. Mary Berberian – Toronto-Centre NDP & Fighback
30. Amelia Saunders – York University Free Press (YUFP) & York Federation of Students (YFS)
31. Tyler MacKinnon – Etobicoke-Centre NDP & Socialist Caucus
32. Alex Grant – CEP local 2040 & Fightback
33. Camilo Cahis – CEP local 2040 & Fightback
34. Victoria Goldberg – York Federation of Students (YFS)
35. Fadumo Winters – York Federation of Students (YFS)
36. Michael Erickson – Former V.P. External Affairs, YFS & Former CFS-O Constituency Coordinator
37. Jimmy Gutman – Arts Student Senator (McGill) & ONDY eastern organizer
38. Noah Gataveckas – Fightback & Acadia University Alumni
39. Janine Manning – Aboriginal Student Association at York
40. Andrius Ragainis – York Federation of Students (YFS)
41. Ashleigh Ingle – CUPE 3902 & Graduate Students Union (GSU – UofT)
42. Adonis El-Jamal – Students Against Israeli Apartheid-York & Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG-York)
43. Yuri Yarin – CEP local 1996 & Fightback
44. Hariyanto Darmawan – CEP Local 2040
45. Layton Joudrey – Elliot House Chef School (alumni) & I.W.W local 460
46. Ruth Otterman – CUPW Local 548 (Hamilton)
47. Todd Peavoy – CUPW Local 548 (Hamilton)
48. Chris Webb – Graduate Students’ Association (York) & Canadian Dimension Magazine
49. George Wynott – Communications at Youth In Solidarity (
50. Wai Kiat Tang – CUPE 3902 Delegate, Toronto York Regional Labour Council
51. Mai Taha – Fightback & CUPE 3902 (UofT)
52. Carolyn Shapiro – CUPE 3902
53. Hammam Farah – Students Against Israeli Apartheid at York University
54. Dan Sawyer – Canadian Autoworkers Local 567
55. Tobi Rene Wilczek – International Socialists
56. Awget Ghebrehiwot – CUPE Local 4948
57. Brandon Gray – IWW and Toronto Anarchist Black Cross
58. Alex Conchie – University of Toronto Students Union (UTSU)
59. Constantinos Crekoukias – United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) & Fightback
60. Janet Csontos – The Student School
61 .Corey Ponder – CUPE 3902
62. James Meades – President CUPE 4600/ Vice-Chair Ontario University Workers Coordinating Committee
63. Katie Mazer – CUPE 3902 & Graduate Students Union (GSU – UofT)
64. Maya Adavi – Young Communist League (YCL)
65. John Paul Catungal – Graduate Student Association (GSA – UofT) & CUPE 3902
66. Seena Taghavi – York Federation of Students (YFS)
67. Vanessa Beaton – Vice-President Academic Affairs & University of Ottawa Common Law Student’s Association, CUPE 2626
68. Thomas Laughlin – U of T and CUPE 3902
69. Matt Hilder – CUPE 3902
70. Alex Moldovan – GCSU/YFS & York West NDP
71. Chee-Mei Chan – Ryerson Students Union (RSU)
72. Matt Gardner – Queen’s University Alumni, University of Western Ontario Alumni & Fightback
73. Ida Zarrabi – University of Toronto Students Union (UTSU)
74. Cam Hardy – UTSU & Platypus Affiliated Society
75. Zahra Shaban – UofT alumni
76. Elise Thorburn – phd candidate University of Western Ontario, PSAC local 610, Greater Toronto Workers’ Assembly
77. Shamineh Mavalvala – University of Toronto Alumni
78. Matthew Shultz – VP Campaigns and Community Affairs, Society of Graduate and Professional Students (SPGS) at Queen’s University / CFS local 27
79. Revolutionary Students Movement (student division of the PRAC-Toronto)
80. Jack Hixson-Vulpe – York University CUPE 3903
81. Taiva Tegler – External Commissioner, Graduate Students’ Association des étudiant.e.s diplômé.e.s, University of Ottawa
82. Matthew Davidson – CUPE 3908 (Trent University)
83. Chris Hurl – VP-External, CUPE 4600, Carleton University
84. Michael Romandel – former student of York and former member of CUPE 3903.
85. John Rose – Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) Local 901
86. Christian Scott Martone Donde – McGill University MA Sociology
87. Alexander Brookes – MUNFA (Memorial University of Newfoundland Faculty Association)
88. Katy Fulfer – Western University Graduate Student, President of PSAC Local 610
89. Stephen Peters – McGill Graduate Student
90. Christina Rousseau – Doctoral Candidate at York University; CUPE 3903
91. Kieran Aarons – Instructor, DePaul University & alumni of the University of Western Ontario
92. Jordy Cummings – CUPE Local 3903
93. Tracy Glynn – University of New Brunswick (UNB) Graduate Student Association/CFS Local 67.
94. Mia Bhuiyan – University of Toronto Students Unions (UTSU)
95. Espoir Manirambona – Carleton University Students’ Association, Carleton New Democrats
96. Ingrid van der Kloet – CUPE Local 3903, Ontario Nurses Association, Greater Toronto Workers’ Assembly
97. Brian Foster- Carleton University, member CUPE 4600, former President and VP Academic of Carleton History Graduate Student Association
98. Danji Buck-Moore – McGill, BA 2012
99. Tracy Glynn – Member of the UNB Graduate Student Association/CFS Local 67
100. Eric Kristmanson – OCAD student
99. Tracy Glynn – Member of the UNB Graduate Student Association/CFS Local 67
100. Eric Kristmanson – OCAD student
101. Seher Shafiq – University of Toronto Students Union (UTSU)
102. Steve D’Arcy – alumnus, University of Toronto; member, Huron University College Faculty Association
103. Phillip Ilijevski – Former Coordinator, CFS-Quebec
104. Robert Green – High School Teacher (Montreal)
105. Liisa Priyanka Lugus – Patient Advocate; Director of ME/CFS; Co-Owner of The Big Carrot; former Concordia student
106. Jennifer Cypher – PhD Candidate, York University
107. Parastou Saberi – PhD student, York University, CUPE Local 3903
108. Tim McSorley – former CFS-Quebec chairperson, 2004-2005, BA, Concordia University, 2006
109. Emmanuelle Lippé – former CFS-Q employee (1999)
110. D’Arcy Butler, Instructor – College of the North Atlantic; former member of CUPE 3903
111. Alison Fisher – member of GSA Local 84, CUPE 3903 and OSSTF D. 12
112. Darryl Richardson – Seneca College student & Toronto Media Co-Op
113. Dylan Chauvin-Smith – University of Toronto Student Union (UTSU)
114. Sarah Hornstein – York University
115. Alex Winterhalt – Carleton University Students’ Association (CUSA) & Fightback
116. Stephanie Barton – York University
117. Najimeh Abdorrahimi – Ryerson Social work student (4th year)
118. Arun Smith – Carleton University Students’ Association & OPIRG Carleton Board of Directors.
119. Sasha Englert – York University
120. Martial Champagne – York U Nursing student
121. Nyala Adaoha Eboh – York Federation of Students (YFS)
122. Sadia Khan – UofT alumni
123. Rastko Cvekic – CUPE 3902 (UofT)
124. Dominic Dumont – Writing studies in Laval University student, Quebec city
125. Sarah Stanley – Ryerson University
126. Baliqis Olaitan – University Of Toronto Students’ Union (UofT)
127. Kailee Howorth- York Alumni
128. Kwan Chan – York Federation of Students (YFS)
129. Sandy Oh – CUPE 3902 (UofT)
130. Nazampal Jaswal – York University
131. Jacob Hodgins, President – Laurentian Students Union (LSU)
132. Wendy Skye – Alumni, Carleton University
133. Pantea Ebrahim – York Federation of Students (YFS)
134. Sarah Cholam – York Federation of Students (YFS)
135. Nicholas Buccheri – York Federation of Students (YFS)
136. Julia Malfara – York Federation of Students (YFS)
137. Javed Mohammed – York Federation of Students (YFS)
138. Nulab Ferozan – York Federation of Students (YFS)
139. Arazod Ferozan – York Federation of Students (YFS)
140. Miteh Starkman
141. Ian Wilgus
142. Thai Bowers – York Federation of Students (YFS)
143. Samuel Awotundun – York Federation of Students (YFS)
144. Chris Skerritt – York Federation of Students (YFS)
145. Ahmad Khawaja – York Federation of Students (YFS)
146. Alexandra Mchicoll – Graduate Students Association (GSA)
147. Karen Rivera – York Federation of Students (YFS)
148. Scott Nickel – York Federation of Students (YFS)
149. Samia Tecle – Graduate Students Association (GSA)
150. Ramzi Masri – York Federation of Students (YFS)
151. Kiran Kaw
152. Ashley Simpson – York Federation of Students (YFS)
153. Sarah Merkar – York Federation of Students (YFS)
154. Hena Tyyebi – CUPE 3903
155. Renee Grant – York Federation of Students (YFS)
156. Joulia Adamopoulos – York Federation of Students (YFS)
157. Sheanna Allison – York Federation of Students (YFS)
158. Sadquan Malik – York Federation of Students (YFS)
159. Armikley Fontaine – York Federation of Students (YFS)
160. Xiomara G – York Federation of Students (YFS)
161. Sheena Davy – York Federation of Students (YFS)
162. Danielle Howell – York Federation of Students (YFS)
163. Charlene Locice – York Federation of Students (YFS)
164. Farzi Bishop – YCISS
165. Kwan Chan – York Federation of Students (YFS)
166. Behnam Farahmandzadeh – York Federation of Students (YFS)
167. Kourosh Z – York Federation of Students (YFS)
168. Ali Ziari – York Federation of Students (YFS)
169. Sonia Dhuga – York Federation of Students (YFS)
170. Alancy Rebelo – York Federation of Students (YFS)
171. Michael Beaupre – York Federation of Students (YFS)
172. Goyanthan Thivakaran – York Federation of Students (YFS)
173. Rikhi Pattan – York Federation of Students (YFS)
174. Ayse Gurler – York Federation of Students (YFS)
175. Ebtisam Sharifabow – York Federation of Students (YFS)
176. Jsia De Paolo – York Federation of Students (YFS)
177. Elbora Jokoli – York Federation of Students (YFS)
178. Fahd Ali – York Federation of Students (YFS)
178. Sukissa Mendes – York Federation of Students (YFS)
179. Yafet Twelde – Graduate Students Association (York)
180. Kamalika Bana – York Federation of Students (YFS)
181. Nicole Griffiths – York Federation of Students (YFS)
182. Irina Tokar – York Federation of Students (YFS)
183. Raj Virac – CUPE 3903
184. Tomi Dipo – York Federation of Students (YFS)
185. Laura Ferguson – York Federation of Students (YFS)
186. Andrew Crago – York Federation of Students (YFS)
187. Justice Ramdewar – York Federation of Students (YFS)
188. Leya Hosseini – York Federation of Students (YFS)
189. Sukhmeet – York Federation of Students (YFS)
190. Annette Jubril – York Federation of Students (YFS)
191. Pawl Grey – CUPE 3903
192. Tom Whey – CUPE 3903
193. Breeann Morgan-Hunt – York Federation of Students (YFS)
194. Sarah Usman – York Federation of Students (YFS)
195. Ryan Riccinto – York Federation of Students (YFS)
196. Natasha Mody – York Federation of Students (YFS)
197. Amina Chaudhry – York Federation of Students (YFS)
198. Carolina Benedeth – York Federation of Students (YFS)
199. Kam – York Federation of Students (YFS)
200. Tesharah Briscoe – York Federation of Students (YFS)
201. Tasneem Hussain – York Federation of Students (YFS)
202. Yaw Danguah – York Federation of Students (YFS)
203. Ashug Abbasi – York Federation of Students (YFS)
204. Rajdeep Malhi – York Federation of Students (YFS)
205. Chris Worrad – York Federation of Students (YFS)
206. Andy Xia – York Federation of Students (YFS)
207. Ashley S. – ashley87@yorku.c
208. Adnan Raja – York Federation of Students (YFS)
209. Jamaal Haynes – York Federation of Students (YFS)
210. Peter Mikhailenko – Occupy Ryerson & Fightback (
211. Mehdi Samadian – CUPE 3903

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Quebec Revolutionary Idol

The Quebec student protests is surely the gift that keeps on giving for us.

Today, the Quebec police had to be on hand for two efforts; one to protect the corporate meeting of Power Corp, owner of La Presse, from disruption, and second to protect students who were trying to cross a “picket line” and attend school without harassment, bullying and violence from protestors.  It sounds like Quebec is under siege; but then when scalps are being claimed in this “war”, and young people being charged with terrorism attacks, perhaps the province is under siege.

Let us harken back to our entry of last week, lamenting the advanced age of some of these parasites protestors and note the four who’ve been charged after setting off a smoke-bomb in Montreal that disrupted commuters for hours and cost the city millions of dollars in lost productivity;  François Vivier Gagnon, 22, Vanessa L’Écuyer, 22, Geneviève Vaillancourt, 25, and Roxanne Bélisle, 23.  Young, but not young enough that we shouldn’t expect them to know better.  But we digress.

It’s important to note that like a lot of these protests, it’s a very vocal minority that is creating problems for the majority.  The majority of Quebec students would like to go back to school.  Unfortunately they are being prevented from doing so by glorified thugs encouraged by their teachers. 

(Margaret Wente, we’ve said before should stop cribbing notes from our blog to write her columns, and she’s done it again.  However her latest today describing the university machine -liberal arts student complex is very poignant.  We will expand on her thoughts this week.  But we digress again.)

The thing that strikes us however, is the delusions of grandeur.  Take the following quotes from the protest this morning;

“It’s easy to repress,” screamed one of the last remaining protesters, taunting the row of riot police guarding the school.

“In 30 years they’ll be saying you were a disgrace! You were a disgrace!

“People will say we were repressed!… (You were) hitting people with billy-clubs, gassing young people.”

We have a great thesis for some of the protestor sociology majors whenever (if ever) they head back to school; how similar is the phenomena of these student protestors likening yourself to protestors of yore in the late 1960’s, to Arab springs, Burmese revolutionaries, gay rights advocates in Iran and conscientious objectors around the world, to say, American Idol contestants who think they are the next great pop star to only find out in front of judges that they sound like shit?  Is there relativity between their misplaced romanticism of what they are protesting and their misplaced notions of what we as a society should be supporting (read – subsidizing) for their education?

How about the rock-star Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois – what are his delusions of grandeur?  Spoiled, silver spoon fed, private schooled, uncalloused hands, leading this movement against the government?  Is he the equivalent of that kid whose parents never had the never to tell him he really doesn’t sound all that good when he tries to sing Britney Spears songs?

What is needed then maybe is a Simon Cowell – someone to just tell these kids, you are all stupid, you are all useless, go back to school, stop causing trouble or get crushed.   Is Jean Charest the guy?  Hardly.  We’d have to send him a pair of testes in the mail apparently, because he’s all set to sit down and talk with these idiots yet again.

And thus the circus in outer space keeps on spinning.

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Monday Morning Laugher

We love the blog of David Thompson, and are very jealous of his site, his insights and admiring of the quality of commentors that he gets.  We highly recommend everyone who reads us also bookmark his site and read his writing when you can.

That said, his latest entry about a piece of performance art, had us laughing so hard that we had to share it with our readers on this Monday morning.  Enjoy.  And shake your head in disbelief.

What Would Ronnie and Maggie Do?

We’ve discussed on this blog before about rioters (here and here) and the uselessness of most university degrees (here and here).  And then lo and behold a couple of weeks ago these Quebec student protests start up, and it’s like a perfect storm of events for us because it combines a lot of our favourite things – rioting idiots, who are rioting and protesting about not having virtually free access to study useless university degrees, and all their actions are excused by a fawning leftist media.

So, we’re not surprised that the protests are continuing and that the “negotiated” deal with the Quebec government fell through.  And selfishly, we have no interest in seeing it come to an end.  Let the “strike” continue; for one, it’s Quebec, and frankly we take perverse satisfaction in seeing Quebec have political and economic troubles, and secondly it gives us fodder for future blogs.

But then we get to thinking – if we wanted it to end, how would we, the powers that be at Regressive Analysis end it?  What would Ronald Reagan or Margaret Thatcher do?  Two individuals who had to deal with either striking air traffic controllers or striking coal miners, and in both cases how they dealt with those problems defined not only their legacies as leaders, but also shaped how leaders after them dealt with labour disputes.

There’s a column in today’s National Post wherein the author muses about using caning for delinquent students… OK, a useful idea, we’ll consider it, but ultimately not really practical in today’s Canada.

But this is how we’d start;

  • Tell these asshole professors to get back to work.  It’s easy for these ivory tower types to put out statements of support for the students and refuse to cross “picket lines” (it’s not a strike – let’s get that out of the way), when they’re still getting paid.  Change that.  Tell them if they don’t get back to work, then they don’t get paid.  And if they refuse to get back to work fire their asses.  They work for the government afterall;
  • Tell the schools to get on with business as usual.  That means issuing mid-term and final examinations to empty classrooms if need be.  If the students aren’t there then fail them.  They are making a choice – it is more important to them to protest than to complete their already paid for semester.  Also – no possibility of expunging the failed course work from their transcripts in the future.  Let them explain to future employers why they have an Incomplete or Fail on their record;
  • Raise tuition right the way you wanted to originally, and maybe even more so now.  They had a deal, they rejected it, now all bets are off.  You think $1,600 over 5 years was bad?  Let’s do that over 2 years instead;
  • No negotiations, no acknowledgement of any student group until the violent protests have ended.  This stuff about it being the work of a “minority” is a crock of shit – the student organizations have a responsibility to clean their own stables, so to speak, to make sure that their own students aren’t sabotaging talks;
  • No negotiations, period.  Why is the government talking to these fools anyways?  Here’s a fundamental truth of life – if you’re unhappy with how much it costs, you don’t have to go to school.  You don’t have to do anything in life, except die if you really think about it.  There is always a choice.  So Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, CLASSE and all the other douches leading this strike – go find yourself somewhere else to study, something else to do, or better yet, grab your fellow protestor students, rebel professors and go start your free commune university.  No?  Ah ha.

So there you have it, the quick and incomplete RA list of how we think Reagan or Thatcher might have put an end to this student protest nonsense in Quebec.

But then again, Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher would probably have taken one look at Quebec, these students and their profs,  turned around and told their scientists to develop some way of cutting the province loose from North America and giving it a good push out to sea.

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Monday Miscellania

Seriously.  A mother of 14 kids.  Weep for those kids.

Why?  We ask that with a plaintive note, as in “why do people need to go this route…?”  Note that the article doesn’t describe what’s happening in other spots… Cousin It – that’s all we’ve got to say.

Premier Dad’s listening pleasure.  I’m sure some good Liberal interns dressed it up for the dude to add to his “cool” factor (stop, our ribs hurt from laughing so hard).

The Occupods strike.  They decide to occupy a “farm” and hilarity ensues, because in the end, these people are all lazy dreamers, who don’t even know which end of a hoe to use.  We’re talking about the garden tool, of course.

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More Crap From Quebec

Didn’t we all go to school with a guy like this?  The guy who was just a little bit too earnest about things, got great grades and was teacher’s pet, ran for student council, organizing this, and organizing that.  Not very good at sports, he dressed in khakis and button-collared shirts when the rest of us were in jeans and t-shirts.  Avoided shop class like the plague, and took all the advanced history and language courses.  Sciences, maths, not so much, but art class and maybe band class if he wasn’t too geeky already.

Reading this profile of one of the “leaders” of the Quebec student protests, one has to wonder; where have all the real leaders gone?  Men and women who may have actually accomplished something in life, before they entered the political scene. 

If Mr. Nadeau-Dubois is an example of the future leadership of Quebec, then weep for their future.

Mr. Nadeau-Dubois went to a private school, never wanted for anything, does not appear to have travelled extensively or experienced other cultures, societies or ways of life around the world.  He is 21 and studying history – although we have a suspicion that he is not studying to become an historian per se, or even to use the degree as a stepping stone to another post-graduate degree, more likely he is using it as a convenient passport into the hothouse of leftist student activism that brews on just about every university campus.  If he were studying, say engineering or pre-med, he really wouldn’t time for this protest nonsense, would he?

So, all that being said, his inexperience in life doesn’t disqualify Mr. Nadeau-Dubois from being free to speak his mind and have an opinion, even if it is an opinion steeped in shallow-minded hyperbole and moral vanity.  But the onus is on the rest of us, and even those students who are “following” him, and more so the idiots on Quebec TV and Radio-Canada, to recognize that basically – this kid knows shit.  Really.  He hasn’t done anything in life.  He’s barely lived it.  We should all just give him a big collective pat on the head and say, “That’s super Gabe!  Now, where’s your mother, she’s probably looking for you.”

He proposes questioning our whole economic system – great!  What’s your alternative?  Marxism?  Communism?  A “historian” would realize that these ideologies have been thrown on the scrap heap of history.  He hints at escalating protest tactics i.e. violence, because he’s immature and has a youthfully romantic notion of what “revolution” means.  Worse yet, he compares these punks and spoiled brats running around downtown Montreal wearing Nike shoes and texting each other on iPhones, to dissidents in Egypt, Syria and Tunisia.  It is insulting.

But, this is one of our future leaders apparently.  God help us.

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Hey, didn’t we just say something like this in Monday’s piece.  Margaret Wente should go find her own material, and stop cribbing notes from us.

So, Elizabeth Witmer takes a sweet government bureaucracy position from Premier Dad.  What a load.  A “Red Tory” and of course the fawning Toronto media wants to now portray her as a great public servant riding off into the sunset.  Because the only species of conservative they like is a Red Tory.  But our question is why did she bother to run in the last election then?  Thanks for giving Premier Dad his majority, you idiot.  Glad to see you care so much about the province that you’re willing to hand the reins for another four years to a man who in intent on driving it off a cliff.  Good riddance and enjoy your $200k a year government job.

Hmmm.  We can’t believe what people write on Twitter, or even that these types of idiots are still around, or that they self-identify themselves as idiots.


Hey look everyone, the world is not melting.  Bad news for warm-mongers.

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