Hey, didn’t we just say something like this in Monday’s piece.  Margaret Wente should go find her own material, and stop cribbing notes from us.

So, Elizabeth Witmer takes a sweet government bureaucracy position from Premier Dad.  What a load.  A “Red Tory” and of course the fawning Toronto media wants to now portray her as a great public servant riding off into the sunset.  Because the only species of conservative they like is a Red Tory.  But our question is why did she bother to run in the last election then?  Thanks for giving Premier Dad his majority, you idiot.  Glad to see you care so much about the province that you’re willing to hand the reins for another four years to a man who in intent on driving it off a cliff.  Good riddance and enjoy your $200k a year government job.

Hmmm.  We can’t believe what people write on Twitter, or even that these types of idiots are still around, or that they self-identify themselves as idiots.


Hey look everyone, the world is not melting.  Bad news for warm-mongers.

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