More Crap From Quebec

Didn’t we all go to school with a guy like this?  The guy who was just a little bit too earnest about things, got great grades and was teacher’s pet, ran for student council, organizing this, and organizing that.  Not very good at sports, he dressed in khakis and button-collared shirts when the rest of us were in jeans and t-shirts.  Avoided shop class like the plague, and took all the advanced history and language courses.  Sciences, maths, not so much, but art class and maybe band class if he wasn’t too geeky already.

Reading this profile of one of the “leaders” of the Quebec student protests, one has to wonder; where have all the real leaders gone?  Men and women who may have actually accomplished something in life, before they entered the political scene. 

If Mr. Nadeau-Dubois is an example of the future leadership of Quebec, then weep for their future.

Mr. Nadeau-Dubois went to a private school, never wanted for anything, does not appear to have travelled extensively or experienced other cultures, societies or ways of life around the world.  He is 21 and studying history – although we have a suspicion that he is not studying to become an historian per se, or even to use the degree as a stepping stone to another post-graduate degree, more likely he is using it as a convenient passport into the hothouse of leftist student activism that brews on just about every university campus.  If he were studying, say engineering or pre-med, he really wouldn’t time for this protest nonsense, would he?

So, all that being said, his inexperience in life doesn’t disqualify Mr. Nadeau-Dubois from being free to speak his mind and have an opinion, even if it is an opinion steeped in shallow-minded hyperbole and moral vanity.  But the onus is on the rest of us, and even those students who are “following” him, and more so the idiots on Quebec TV and Radio-Canada, to recognize that basically – this kid knows shit.  Really.  He hasn’t done anything in life.  He’s barely lived it.  We should all just give him a big collective pat on the head and say, “That’s super Gabe!  Now, where’s your mother, she’s probably looking for you.”

He proposes questioning our whole economic system – great!  What’s your alternative?  Marxism?  Communism?  A “historian” would realize that these ideologies have been thrown on the scrap heap of history.  He hints at escalating protest tactics i.e. violence, because he’s immature and has a youthfully romantic notion of what “revolution” means.  Worse yet, he compares these punks and spoiled brats running around downtown Montreal wearing Nike shoes and texting each other on iPhones, to dissidents in Egypt, Syria and Tunisia.  It is insulting.

But, this is one of our future leaders apparently.  God help us.

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