What Would Ronnie and Maggie Do?

We’ve discussed on this blog before about rioters (here and here) and the uselessness of most university degrees (here and here).  And then lo and behold a couple of weeks ago these Quebec student protests start up, and it’s like a perfect storm of events for us because it combines a lot of our favourite things – rioting idiots, who are rioting and protesting about not having virtually free access to study useless university degrees, and all their actions are excused by a fawning leftist media.

So, we’re not surprised that the protests are continuing and that the “negotiated” deal with the Quebec government fell through.  And selfishly, we have no interest in seeing it come to an end.  Let the “strike” continue; for one, it’s Quebec, and frankly we take perverse satisfaction in seeing Quebec have political and economic troubles, and secondly it gives us fodder for future blogs.

But then we get to thinking – if we wanted it to end, how would we, the powers that be at Regressive Analysis end it?  What would Ronald Reagan or Margaret Thatcher do?  Two individuals who had to deal with either striking air traffic controllers or striking coal miners, and in both cases how they dealt with those problems defined not only their legacies as leaders, but also shaped how leaders after them dealt with labour disputes.

There’s a column in today’s National Post wherein the author muses about using caning for delinquent students… OK, a useful idea, we’ll consider it, but ultimately not really practical in today’s Canada.

But this is how we’d start;

  • Tell these asshole professors to get back to work.  It’s easy for these ivory tower types to put out statements of support for the students and refuse to cross “picket lines” (it’s not a strike – let’s get that out of the way), when they’re still getting paid.  Change that.  Tell them if they don’t get back to work, then they don’t get paid.  And if they refuse to get back to work fire their asses.  They work for the government afterall;
  • Tell the schools to get on with business as usual.  That means issuing mid-term and final examinations to empty classrooms if need be.  If the students aren’t there then fail them.  They are making a choice – it is more important to them to protest than to complete their already paid for semester.  Also – no possibility of expunging the failed course work from their transcripts in the future.  Let them explain to future employers why they have an Incomplete or Fail on their record;
  • Raise tuition right the way you wanted to originally, and maybe even more so now.  They had a deal, they rejected it, now all bets are off.  You think $1,600 over 5 years was bad?  Let’s do that over 2 years instead;
  • No negotiations, no acknowledgement of any student group until the violent protests have ended.  This stuff about it being the work of a “minority” is a crock of shit – the student organizations have a responsibility to clean their own stables, so to speak, to make sure that their own students aren’t sabotaging talks;
  • No negotiations, period.  Why is the government talking to these fools anyways?  Here’s a fundamental truth of life – if you’re unhappy with how much it costs, you don’t have to go to school.  You don’t have to do anything in life, except die if you really think about it.  There is always a choice.  So Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, CLASSE and all the other douches leading this strike – go find yourself somewhere else to study, something else to do, or better yet, grab your fellow protestor students, rebel professors and go start your free commune university.  No?  Ah ha.

So there you have it, the quick and incomplete RA list of how we think Reagan or Thatcher might have put an end to this student protest nonsense in Quebec.

But then again, Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher would probably have taken one look at Quebec, these students and their profs,  turned around and told their scientists to develop some way of cutting the province loose from North America and giving it a good push out to sea.

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