Quebec Revolutionary Idol

The Quebec student protests is surely the gift that keeps on giving for us.

Today, the Quebec police had to be on hand for two efforts; one to protect the corporate meeting of Power Corp, owner of La Presse, from disruption, and second to protect students who were trying to cross a “picket line” and attend school without harassment, bullying and violence from protestors.  It sounds like Quebec is under siege; but then when scalps are being claimed in this “war”, and young people being charged with terrorism attacks, perhaps the province is under siege.

Let us harken back to our entry of last week, lamenting the advanced age of some of these parasites protestors and note the four who’ve been charged after setting off a smoke-bomb in Montreal that disrupted commuters for hours and cost the city millions of dollars in lost productivity;  François Vivier Gagnon, 22, Vanessa L’Écuyer, 22, Geneviève Vaillancourt, 25, and Roxanne Bélisle, 23.  Young, but not young enough that we shouldn’t expect them to know better.  But we digress.

It’s important to note that like a lot of these protests, it’s a very vocal minority that is creating problems for the majority.  The majority of Quebec students would like to go back to school.  Unfortunately they are being prevented from doing so by glorified thugs encouraged by their teachers. 

(Margaret Wente, we’ve said before should stop cribbing notes from our blog to write her columns, and she’s done it again.  However her latest today describing the university machine -liberal arts student complex is very poignant.  We will expand on her thoughts this week.  But we digress again.)

The thing that strikes us however, is the delusions of grandeur.  Take the following quotes from the protest this morning;

“It’s easy to repress,” screamed one of the last remaining protesters, taunting the row of riot police guarding the school.

“In 30 years they’ll be saying you were a disgrace! You were a disgrace!

“People will say we were repressed!… (You were) hitting people with billy-clubs, gassing young people.”

We have a great thesis for some of the protestor sociology majors whenever (if ever) they head back to school; how similar is the phenomena of these student protestors likening yourself to protestors of yore in the late 1960’s, to Arab springs, Burmese revolutionaries, gay rights advocates in Iran and conscientious objectors around the world, to say, American Idol contestants who think they are the next great pop star to only find out in front of judges that they sound like shit?  Is there relativity between their misplaced romanticism of what they are protesting and their misplaced notions of what we as a society should be supporting (read – subsidizing) for their education?

How about the rock-star Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois – what are his delusions of grandeur?  Spoiled, silver spoon fed, private schooled, uncalloused hands, leading this movement against the government?  Is he the equivalent of that kid whose parents never had the never to tell him he really doesn’t sound all that good when he tries to sing Britney Spears songs?

What is needed then maybe is a Simon Cowell – someone to just tell these kids, you are all stupid, you are all useless, go back to school, stop causing trouble or get crushed.   Is Jean Charest the guy?  Hardly.  We’d have to send him a pair of testes in the mail apparently, because he’s all set to sit down and talk with these idiots yet again.

And thus the circus in outer space keeps on spinning.

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