Rights and Thugs

The violence and campaign of intimidation that is part of the Quebec student protests is surprising to some, and to others who are more familiar with the “progressive” left and its ugly step-sisters in the union movement, it’s just par for the course.  Leftists have a pathological bent towards being thugs and hooligans.  The ideology attracts those with superiority complexes, righteous anger and tin ears because it gives them moral license (in their minds) to engage in violent coercion for the sake of a greater cause.

Proof?  Let’s talk about “rights” as the left sees them, since one of the favourite cries these past 100 days has been the Quebec students’ “right to an education”.

We are not constitutional lawyers, but here goes; rights are a contract between people that is entered into voluntarily by all parties, all of whom can understand the contract and respect its practice.  (Hence there is no such thing as “animal rights” because humans cannot enter into a contract with animals.  We could tell the tiger we are acknowledging his rights, but he will likely eat us anyways.  No respect.  Well, what would you expect from a damn tiger…)

But more significantly, a true right requires nothing of another person, other than to respect it.  For example, if we respect your right to free speech, we do not have to build you a radio station to broadcast your views, we do not have to listen to you, and we do not have to read your words – we simply allow you to speak or write or sing or whatever.  It requires nothing of us to allow you to practice free speech.

So, in that context, let’s examine a few of the favourite “rights” that progressives like to take up the cause for;

  • The “right to food”.  Someone has to plant the food, harvest the food, process the food, bring the food to where people are.   So, these people are either coerced to do this, or they are paid to do this with money taxed from other people – just another form of coercion;
  • The “right to clean water”.  OK, if you mean preventing pollution of water sources.  But again, if what they mean is “potable, drinkable” water, then someone must draw the water, someone hast to clean it, someone build the watermains to deliver it;
  • The “right to a job”.  This is a good one.  Who is supposed to give people a job?  What kind of job, any job?  Again, somebody has to step up and provide people with something for this right to become a reality, and besides, most of these losers just want a “job” playing video games or braiding their underarm hair or some other useless activity they specialize in;
  • The “right to education”.  Obviously, somebody has to teach you if you have a right to an education.  And if they’re not volunteers, then someone has to pay those teachers.  And if there is a shortage of teachers and classroom space and you have trouble enrolling in Womyn’s Witchcraft 101, then someone has to pony up their money to hire more teachers and build more classrooms.  This requires a lot of stuff from a lot of us.

And it goes on and on; the right to the internet, the right to birth control, the right to housing, the right to not be offended etc. 

What this says about the progressive left, more than just demonstrating their naivety on what is, and isn’t a practical right, is their pathological tendency towards ideas that require coercion of people in order for them to make happen.  For the left to get any or all of these rights into practice, means they need to set up a hierarchy of rights, where property rights are at the bottom because they need your property, whether it be your money or your labour to achieve their goals, and if need be they will take it by force, because they are in the right, you are in the wrong.

And that is just a small part of what is on display in Quebec right now… yes, there is an element of spoiled brats involved.  But to say that is sum of what is going on would be incorrect.  We are witnessing the emboldened pathological left, demanding that we all do what they want, this time in the name of education, but it could be anything, really.

And in the end, they are showing what the left really are; thugs.

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One thought on “Rights and Thugs

  1. Love your blog, just came across it about an hour ago. I am really interested to read your take on the RCMP officer/ pervert who didn’t seem to have much trouble with his bosses regarding his actions. Just what we need in BC.


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