Regressive Lexicon

The left has a tremendous knack for hijacking the English language and either inventing new terms, obscuring the meaning of existing terms or downright banning them, such as the recent absurdity in England, where a British MP wants to ban the use of the terms “obese” and “fattie” and have the use of such terms labeled as a hate crime.  We suppose then we’d be led away in handcuffs after our posting last Thursday.

A perfect example of the hijacking of the language is the use of the term “progressive” to describe the grab-bag of leftist ideas and followers.  By taking ownership of that term, anyone who opposes their views must therefore be the opposite of progressive… and hence the name of our blog.

Regardless, in an effort to be proactive in this battle over language, we introduce our first installment of the Regressive Lexicon, just a few terms that we offer up for everyday use by those who joyfully practice regressivism.

jabi (ja-bee)

1    / / noun: jabi

  1. 1.      acronym:  for “just a bad idea” We think that is jabi. Or We think that is just a bad idea.
  2. 2.      meaning: an idiotic or ridiculous set of principles or thoughts, typically held by persons with a leftist ideological worldview

2    / / verb : to jabi, jabied, jabified

  1. 1.      meaning: to be bamboozled, beholden or subject to a ridiculous notion. You’ve been jabied by this anarchy shit, ‘yo.

Dirty Harry (der-tee hare-ee)

1    / / noun:

  1. 1.      meaning: lead character in a series of gritty cop movies (“Dirty” Harry Callahan) portrayed by actor Clint Eastwood.  Did you see that Dirty Harry movie?

 Not to be mistaken with:

Dirty Hairy (der-tee hare-ee)

1    / / noun:

  1. 1.      meaning: a female protester who takes part in the “Occupy Wall Street” movement or any other progressive cause.  Reference to general lack of hygiene and proper grooming, including but not exclusive to the growth of armpit and leg hair, usually done in defiance of the male patriarchy.  Did you see the Dirty Hairy with the red patch walking around downtown?

 Che-hole (chey-hole)

    / noun:

  1. 1.      meaning:  typically refers to a douchebag teenager, university student or any progressive demonstrator who proudly wears a Che Guevara T-shirt, even though they have no idea who the he was or what he stood for.  Look at that Che-hole riding his skateboard through the parking garage.

Fawkestwit (Fah-k-s-twit)

   / noun:

  1. meaning: protestor idiot who parades around in Guy Fawkes mask, not understanding that the true historical character was a devout Catholic who attempted to restore the Catholic monarchy to England, but instead mistakenly believe that he is solely the character as portrayed in the movie and graphic novel “V for Vendetta”.    It was a bunch of Fawkestwits who threw stones at the police last night.

So, feel free to use these terms in your day-to-day conversations with other like-minded people, or even with the office leftie who will look at you confused and hurt because you’ve begun to hijack the language back from their kin.  And if anyone has any suggestions for more additions to the Regressive Lexicon, please submit them so that we can share with the world.


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