Obama Orgasms

As a Canadian, watching the Democratic convention last night, listening to the Biden speech followed by the Obama speech, we can only come to the conclusion that politics, south of the border and to a large extent in our own country as well, has been hijacked by mentally unbalanced people.

The camera pans the crowd after big lines in the speeches, looking for reactions, and more often than not what is on display is funny and depressing at the same time.

Take for example, when he quotes Lincoln (an absurdity in and of itself, but let’s not digress); the woman in the next shot is swooning like she’s just been meta-physically orgasmed by the caress of his voice.

Or when he makes his line supporting a woman’s right to feticide, the old bag in the next shot is shaking back and forth like an epileptic at a faith healing.  Really.

We could go on.  Who cares about the actual content of the speeches themselves, what is more telling is the absolute derangement of some of these attendees.

We are heading for some dark times if these are the people in control of our politics.  Rationality is gone, replaced by emotion and fantasy.  Brace yourselves.

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