What now Mr. Hudak?

So now that we’ve had a few days to reflect on not only the PC’s loss in the recent Kitchener-Waterloo bye-election for Elizabeth Witmer’s vacated seat, but also the ridiculous day-after comments from Tim Hudak, we have a simple suggestion – time to go Timmy.  Time to go.

You had  20 point lead in the polls going into the last election against McGuinty, and you pissed that away.

Then you needed to get one of two ridings that were up for grabs last week, both ridings where the federal Conservatives hold the seats at that level, and you came up with nada.

Then you blame the loss in K-W on massive union influence?  It sounds like cry-baby 101.   Having the unions as your enemy is a bonus – enemy of my enemies is my friend sort of thing.  The NDP have been supported by the unions, for…. ummm, like forever.  Nothing has changed on that front.  Deal with it, dude.  But most people cannot stand unions, most people are sick of hearing about teachers and government workers and the great deals they have compared to the private sector.  So why weren’t you able to capitalize, why can’t you tap into that anger?  Why did the anti-McGuinty vote go to the NDP, and not the Conservatives?

The fact is your momentum is trending downwards.  This is a problem.  Your campaign team obviously sucks, your use of social media is poor, you strategic decisions are weak and it’s not looking good.  You need a 180 turn around, and we haven’t seen anything to give us the impression you can do it.

We suppose you’re sticking it out because the odds of another election around the corner are pretty good, and there is some possibilty that Premier Dad will step away soon while he can do so still as Premier.    So you may be lucky to face a novice Liberal leader.   But we are not impressed.  Ontario is becoming the next Greece, and if we, we being conservatives who believe in smaller goverment and controlling our finances, cannot muster up a challenge to the socialists, then we’re all in trouble.

Wouldn’t it be great if Jim Flaherty came back to fix this?  We can only pray.

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2 thoughts on “What now Mr. Hudak?

  1. Knowyourhistory says:

    That would be the same Flaherty who has overseen the single greatest expansion in federal government spending since the Trudeau era? And he’s going to fix the Ontario’s “Greek” problem?


    • The Jim Flaherty who is currently Finance Minister, is not the same person who ran for the leadership of the provincial PC’s against Ernie Eves. That Flaherty was a small government, small ‘c’ conservative. This current incarnation has been corrupted by the Harper-pragmatism incrementalism bug. For us, the expansion of government at the federal level is really disconcerting from an allegedly “conservative” government. That said, we hold to the faith that Flaherty, with his experience as federal Finance Minister, with his current connections to the Federal Big Blue election machine, and removed from the soul-sucking influence of federal politics would probably be the best candidate to not only fix Ontario, but more importantly, get elected in the first place. Who are the alternatives to Hudak? Frank Klees (too flaky)? Randy Hillier (would be painted as even more extreme)?


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