You Need Great Hair to be a Leader

The other news from last week that we want to comment on is Justin Trudeau’s entry into the federal Liberal Party’s leadership race.  We are soooooo excited at the prospect of a Trudeau led LPC, we nearly peed our pants when we heard the news last week.

Yes, it’s pretty much a done deal that he’s the next leader.  Considering he has almost 160,000 followers on Twitter, and the way the next Liberal leadership race rules are being set up, and the fact that almost anyone can sign up online and be eligible to vote in the race, it would mean that even if only half of his followers actually sign up and vote for him, he’ll still outpoll by a wide wide margin Marc Garneau and that Jim Karagynniaisssissyssaesades dude who’s still only thinking of running.  And don’t bother mentioning Bob Rae .

Awesome.   So let’s get down to all that JT brings to the LPC as leader;

  • His hair is so beautiful, he’ll get the votes of every hairdresser in the land;
  • No doubt he’s sewn up the female vote because we all know women vote for the most attractive man running for anything.  Issues don’t matter to women;
  • He gets all those young people votes because he looks like he’s all of 30 years old, and he’s so hip, and hop, and in tune with climate change and social tolerance issues and anti-bullying efforts;
  • Communists will love him because he grew up with Uncle Fidel;
  • Separtists love him since he said Harper was turning Canada into something he couldn’t love anymore;
  • Adrian Brody will love him because they can both rock the same anchor mustache, and we bet JT could do the Gillette commercials just as well;
  • Boxers will vote for him because he killed that Brazeau dude;

So, it looks like with Justin Trudeau as leader of the LPC, the Liberals will instantly be able to recapture at least 60% of the voting population (+ Adrian Brody, but he’s American so he doesn’t count.)

So, it’s an inspired and outstanding pick by the LPC, we wish Justin Trudeau the best in his leadership run, and may he remain leader for a long long time to come.

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