The NHL Lockout

We are not hockey bloggers, and there are certainly many many of them out there who are probably more knowledgeable than us on the matter.  But as Canadians, and fans, here’s our two cents as it looks like the season is likely on ice (HAHAHAHA… how clever) until January, and maybe the season will get lost altogether (again).

What kind of greedy bastards are these owners?

Oh sure, you say, aren’t the players just as greedy?  Aren’t they making millions upon millions for playing a game?  Sure – but the difference is that they are only getting paid what the market is willing to pay them.  One might think what they get paid is absurd, but then look in the mirror because if one didn’t watch on TV or buy tickets or that stupid shameful Maple Leafs jersey they wouldn’t have the money to pay out would they?

But then that’s the case the owners are making – they can’t afford to pay out what they are currently doing so under the terms of the old agreement.  It’s such a stifling economic arrangement that oh… WAIT A MINUTE – I’M GOING TO SIGN PLAYERS TO NEW LUCRATIVE DEALS ON THE EVE OF THE LOCKOUT.

Can you believe that one of the hardliner owners, Boston’s Jacobs, signs Milan Lucic to a new deal the day the old collective bargaining agreement expires? 

No, here’s the problem from our perspective – the owners are so stupid they wouldn’t be able to  find their own asses in the dark with two hands and a flashlight.  They got greedy in the 90’s with expansion teams and pocketed all that cash from expansion fees, then when the markets they expanded showed (what should have been obvious) that they weren’t really hockey markets (Tampa Bay?  Miami?  Columbus?  Nashville?  Seriously?) they came up with this system of trying desperately to keep them afloat with a player salary cap and a tax on the richer teams in the name of some kind of sports socialism to try and keep the poorer market teams’ heads above water.  So, the Toronto Maple Leafs fork out $35 million a year to the league, so they can turn around and give that money to the franchises listed earlier, and then those franchises put better teams on the ice.  Why is that not spit on by Toronto fans?

Would the league though let failing franchises relocate to better markets?  Heavens no, because those better markets are good for expansion – and the fees the other owners can divvy up and put straight into their pockets.

It’s time for something radical – a Canadian professional hockey league.  Why isn’t there more of a cry for Canadian teams to stop subsidizing teams in US markets where the hockey coverage is on page 7 of the sports section?

Let’s do a Canadian league, cap the salaries at 55% of individual team revenues so the big market teams can spend more money on players as their fans deserve (being in bigger markets why should they be punished), then let the Americans do the same thing, and let’s then set up a Champions League for hockey, where the top 3 Canadian teams, top 4 US teams and maybe top 4 Russian teams and top Swedish team etc. compete.  There’s some money for you.

Rant over.  Go to hell Gary Bettman.

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