You Are Being Watched. Always.

There are two stories in the news today that actually have some commonality in that they both teach a valuable lesson to conservatives and others in positions of responsibility and power.

Act like you are always being watched.

We briefly touched on this last Friday with our DOTW award going to Rob Ford, the Mayor of Toronto, mostly for his seemingly non-stop series of gaffes and blunders that gives his opponents ammunition and moral strength.  You can’t do this if you’re conservative; there is little forgiveness in the media and in the population at large because the perception is that conservatives are the straight-arrows brought in to clean up the messes left by everyone’s favourites, the fun, romantic lefties.  As soon as the arrow appears a bit bent, then lo and behold unleash the hounds.

So Princess Kate decides to air out her ta-ta’s in the company of her husband on a balcony that they thought was private.  No doubt in our minds that the photographers invaded her privacy; her intent was not to do this publicly, she had taken all reasonable measures to insure that where she did this was protected from view and so the photographers are in the wrong as are the papers that publish the photos.  And Silvio Berlusconi who you can now add to the list of people lining up to publish the pics – why are we not surprised.

But because of the position she’s in, we’d ask the question if this is something she really really needed to do?  Not really.  It may not sound fair, but she should just always assume she’s being watched and behave accordingly.

Then the parallel story is of dumbass Mitt Romney getting caught saying that 47% of Americans are essentially free-loaders who pay no taxes and he’s just going to give up on trying to woo them, since they’re Democratic voters

Ironically, it’s the one-year anniversary today of the start of the Occupy protests.  Remember their favourite slogan – we are the 99%.  To which many of us, including on this blog, responded that perhaps we need to talk about the 53% – the ones who actually pay the taxes to fund all these wonderful plans the Occupods would love to see come to life.

So, although we say that we admire forthrightness and honesty in our politicians, we don’t actually Mitt.  What you said is true, but you can’t say things like this.  You should know this.  You have now essentially written off 47% of the vote, and essentially said that you are working with just half the population when in fact you are seeking to lead all Americans, aren’t you?

So, even though he thought he was talking to his supporters, saying something that they would silently nod in agreement with while they wrote campaign cheques, he still should have assumed, like Kate, that he is always being watched.  Always.

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