Free Tuition? Why Not?

It’s always with great joy that we get to write about La Belle Province, Quebec.

Now that the PQ government is in power and cancelled tuition hikes, the student unions are feeling their oats and want to press on – thanks Ms. Marois, now how about no tuition at all.  And it’s all about accessibility to higher education.  We can only hope that these elightened students will see the need for more nude protest marches. 

And why shouldn’t tuition to a Quebec university be free?  It’s worthless afterall, so why make people pay for something worth nothing?  It just ain’t right.

As the saying goes – when half the population thinks the other half of the population will take care of them, and then that half says “why should we bother working, everything we earn just gets taken from us to be given to the other half’… when you reach that point you are staring in the face of the dilemma at the heart of communism.  And that’s obviously where these communist wanna-be’s are headed; they get their free tuition to get their worthless degrees that they graduate from at the age of 35 after hiding from life as long as possible, and then wonder, where are the jobs?  I have a Masters degree in psycho-poli-sociological witchcraft, and can’t find any meaningful job that allows me to work 20 hours a week, live in a downtown condominium apartment and sip lattes at the cafe every morning.  So I demand the government employ me!  And on it goes.

All good.  We trust the PQ government will move ahead with the idea, because after all, a government that takes from Peter to give to Paul, will always have the support of Paul.  So we’re sure the main agenda item for the PQ government will be to get as many people sucking at the government teat before the next election as they can, and then portray themselves in the next election as not only the defenders of French in North America and Quebec against the Rest of Canada, but the defenders of the Quebec way of life i.e. moochers extraordinaire.

Quebec has some of the lowest real estate prices in the country right now.  Huh.  Couldn’t be because nobody cares to live there.

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