Hello? Anyone Awake in Ontario?

It wasn’t all that long ago that when a cabinet minister, MP, MPP or politician in general was discovered to have f*cked up, it was expected that that politician fall on the sword.  It was the honorable thing to do, resign.

Now there seems to be almost no shame.  And we here in Ontario are proof of the saying that ‘you get the government you deserve’.  Scandal after scandal from the McGuinty government, from eHealth blowing billions of dollars, to the ORNGE mismanagement lining some Liberal friends’ pockets to now the whole power plant fiasco.

At least the Conservatives seem keen on forcing the issue.  Shame no one in the media is grabbing hold of it.  You’d think the blatant buying off of a couple of ridings for the Liberals, at a cost that looks like it might exceed $150 million (maybe way way higher when all is said and done) would be such a transparent example of the wrong use of public money, that not only would the cabinet minister(s) responsible be hoisted on their petards, but the Premier himself.  In this time of fiscal armaggedon coming down the pipe, you’d think the hypocrisy of a government that;

  • a) sees no problem with ignoring advice to locate power generation facilities on an existing site in Mississauga;
  • b) is friggin’ building new power plants when there is such an excess of hydro generation in this province that we are selling it below cost (especially when you factor in the feed-in-tariff costs) to other jurisdictions;
  • c) has no compunction about cancelling said power plant projects during the election in an effort to make sure that swing vote of simpleton NIMBYistas in Oakville will then stampede back to voting Liberal, because heaven forbid they remember who was going to locate the power plant in their riding in the first place;
  • d) now wants to hide the documentation and emails and chain of communication outlining the complete lack of process and unilateral decision making that went into this whole fiasco and finally;
  • e) has no problem telling teachers and public sector unions to suck it up with pay cuts, because we have a fiscal problem that needs to be addressed.  Seems to us that your position on this matter would have a bit more credibility and foundation if you weren’t spending $80 million+ of public money per riding just to stay in power.

You have to wonder what it says about our modern society when there is such apathy about public waste.  One could suppose that we’ve become so numb to news of this sort that we just shrug it off as in “what do you expect?’.  Or is it because we have it so good, living on credit and our grandchildren’s paycheques that we could care less, but heaven forbid if you try and make us pay 5 cents more for our XL Tim’s.


We finish with this wonderful bit of news;

Government House Leader John Milloy insisted that all documents requested had been released and accused the opposition parties of turning the legislature into a “kangaroo court.”

“There was nothing redacted,” insisted Milloy, who noted the legislature’s usual function of debating and passing bills like the proposed home renovation tax credit for seniors could be halted for days or weeks.

“Until this is dealt with there will be no more question period and there will be no more opportunity to discuss legislation. It’s already been as slow as molasses in there and now it’s gonna be no movement at all.”

Oh heaven forbid something as earth shatteringly wonderful as a home renovation tax credit be held up.  Seriously?  Is that the best stuff on the agenda right now?  Fiddling while Rome burns, fiddling away…

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2 thoughts on “Hello? Anyone Awake in Ontario?

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