Entertaiment Elites and Status

We have a theory. 

The following is all copyrighted, just in case anyone was thinking of stealing or plagiarizing it (we’re looking at you Margaret Wente).

So we came across this Globe and Mail interview with the Royal Air Farce’s Jessica Holmes (who?  Exactly…) and it comes across as so typically vacuous for show-business/artsy types.  David Suzuki would make a great Prime Minister?  Justin Trudeau gets credit for complaining about labeling female circumcision as barbaric?  It’s all so stereotypical.

Which leads us of course to ruminate on the bigger question; why are so many in Hollywood, and entertainment in general, such douche bags when it comes to politics?  Why does, say, Bette Midler give money to Occupods when she’s clearly part of the “1%”, or George Clooney and Bruce Springsteen stump for Barack Obama, or Sean Penn visiting his good pal Hugo Chavez or going on “fact finding missions” to Iran etc?

There seem to be a disproportionate number of assholes in Hollywood who predictably glom onto you-name-the-progressive-cause.

Sure, you might say they are all attracted to left-wing causes, left-wing sensibilities and world-views because that world view, that morality is more licentious.  So, the argument would go, these celebrities who are exposed to more opportunities for sex with multiple partners, recreational drug use, deviant lifestyles etc. find solace in a world view that is more permissive of these behaviors, more accepting.  But that would only explain it in part.

Here’s our theory to try and explain at least another part of it.


Humans are concerned with the five s’s; Sex, Status, Science, Security and Serenity.    This is the copyrighted theory part of our post by the way.

(You could argue that, Status, which entails power, prestige, wealth etc. leads to sexual attractiveness, hence either Sex or Status are redundant , take your pick.  Except we’d argue that even bums in the street with no status whatsoever are still interested in, and capable of, getting laid.)

Status is currency with the progressive left, even though they’ve vehemently deny it if you accuse them of having any regard for status at all.  However, let’s say you troll any newspaper comments section, or leftie blog, website or listen to them on TV, progressives say the most ridiculous shit, but when you stop and think about what is being said or bandied about, and you think the only people with whom what they are saying has any traction would be other progressives – that would be the point exactly.  Progressives, way more so than conservatives, say things just to impress other lefties, just to impress their friends.  They preach to the choir – all the friggin’ time.  The more in tune with leftist sentiments you can appear to be, the more status you have with other lefties.

And who is concerned with status more than any other segment of our population?  Entertainment elites.

So next time you read something ridiculous like Jessica Holmes saying how wonderful Justin Trudeau is, or Alec Baldwin crying that he’s going to leave the US if GWB is elected president, just weigh what they are saying by assessing how is that being viewed by their entertainment buddies?  Is it gaining them more status amongst their peers?  And then consider that it becomes a non-ending spiral of rhetoric, to see who can out leftie the other person.

See?  It’s all so explainable.  You’re welcome.

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