On the eve of one of the most important political debates in many many years, and because so much is riding on the direction the US takes this election(more statism vs. reemphasis on individualism), here is an awesome discussion on free speech, to keep in mind when listening to both parties tonight.

There is no doubt, as is said in the interview, that these days what is considered “facts” are more or less feelings.  If you don’t feel good about something, if a hard truth doesn’t sit well with you, just act as though your sensibilities have been offended and all the bad reality will be vanquished, argument won.

Dalton McGuinty’s best line yesterday in provincial parliament, defending his Minister Bentley from pending contempt charges was that the opposition should lay off, because “he is a father and a husband.”  He repeated it twice.  He also mentioned that he is a “member of the bar”, like no lawyers have ever done anything corrupt or illegal, heavens no.

The Ontario Liberals are corrupt to the core, and it’s getting found out finally.  They are scrapping so hard to stay in power because they have so many friends with their faces in the trough gorging themselves, that they fear the pigs will turn on the farmer if the trough is taken away – case in point the public sector unions abandoning the Liberals at the first sign of resistance to their demands.

Our theory- when the federal Liberal trough ran dry, all the little sucklings dropped down to start shaking down the provincial Liberals.  Good riddance Premier Dad.




So Baby JT kicked off his Liberal Party leadership campaign yesterday.  Are we the only ones who laughs when he says he’s going to champion the middle-class?  What the f*ck does Justin Trudeau know about the middle class?  His father didn’t know anything having inherited money, and no doubt Justin knows even less than his father being removed a couple of generations now from the “working class”.  Remember when the two used to be synonomous, “working class” and “middle class”?  Now middle class must be code for “well paid government employee”.





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