Abort Female Fetuses Because Life is Rough for Women

Heather Mallick is really unhinged.  But in a way there is some benefit to her having a platform (free speech!) to advocate for radical feminism.  Granted we have to plow through 600-700 words of pure slop and bad writing to get her viewpoint.

Take her latest and greatest.

She writes;

It never occurs to Warawa that parents might prefer boys because the lives of girls are so awful. But it’s people like him who make girls’ lives awful, only partly by refusing to give women dominion over their own pregnancies.

She’s actually consistent, having made the same point months ago in another column about abortion and sex selection.  So she feels it’s justifiable to want to abort a female fetus because parents might not want to bring a female child into such a harsh anti-woman world.   How far would Heather like to take that rationale?  If a test were ever devised to determine a fetus stood an increased likelihood of being gay, should it be aborted by the parents because we all know that it’s difficult to be gay in our society?  How about short people?  How about blacks?  Is Heather in favour of eugenics, aborting “undesirables” before they’re even born?

Well, in fact, she is.  Responding to British MP Jeremy Hunt’s proposal to have the time limit on abortion reduced from 24 weeks to 12 weeks, she writes:

The tests for conditions like Down syndrome cannot be done before 12 weeks. Women will be rushed into abortions, or miss the deadline, or get a back-street abortion or give birth to a severely damaged child neither they nor their partner were warned about.

So are we to infer from that paragraph that Heather Mallick sees no issues with aborting a fetus simply because it’s diagnosed with the potential to being born with Down’s Syndrome?  And let’s be clear – these tests only provide women with the facts that based on test results and other factors, the statistical odds may be leaning towards a Down’s Syndrome child, but there are no guarantees.

And of course she is equating Down’s Syndrome with being “severely damaged”.  This is so obviously repugnant, we don’t even know where to begin.

But for the Heather Mallicks and Emma Teitels of the world the whole abortion debate is very stark question of absolutes – either a woman has total control of her body, up to the very point of delivery of the baby, or she does not.  Any reason she may have for aborting a fetus is between the woman and her God/conscious/whatever, but not for us to interfere.

Funny then how these two women dismiss the other question of absolutes – is a fetus a distinct human being or not?  They never want to engage in attempting to answer that question because they cannot.  And if you cannot be sure if a fetus is a human being or not, but you believe that murder is wrong, then the logical conclusion is to err on the side of the argument that the fetus is a human.

But then again, we’re not convinced that they believe all murder is wrong.  Radical leftists throughout history have shown a propensity for murdering people in the name of advancing ideologies.  As a matter of fact, leftist regimes have murdered more people throughout history than any other system of goverment. 

So what’s the murder of a few undesirable fetuses to these people?  All in a day’s work.

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One thought on “Abort Female Fetuses Because Life is Rough for Women

  1. BC BUD says:

    How dare you attack Heather Mallick! SHE IS A MIXED RACED ANGEL!! Go back to beating your women, you mysoginist, a-holes!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE WORSE THAN HITLER! AND STEPHEN HARPER!


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