But What About the Squirrels?

A woman in Vaughn has asked her local Catholic school board to cut down oak trees on her child’s school property because the acorns the trees drop have the potential to cause anaphylactic reactions for those children with tree nut allergies.

This despite an allergist in the article saying that the likelihood of a child having an allergic reaction to an acorn is minimal unless the child actually ingests the acorn.  But the mother has figured out how to change the question when you don’t like the answer – the acorns are tools of bullying! 

Yes, we can just imagine some nasty children chasing those 6% of the students with tree nut allergies around the schoolyard at recess, waving the acorns with the threat of being forced to eat them, shell and all.  It’s actually hard to conceive of such a scene taking place under the supervision of teachers… we are afterall in an age where two boys innocently playing pirates at recess with sticks in their hands can get suspended under zero-tolerance guidelines.  Where three-year olds drawing pictures of their daddy with a gun shooting monsters, warrants a cadre of police officers to arrest the father in front of his children and search his house.

So at first it was peanuts, then eggs and dairy, and now, acorns and we’d assume by extension then walnuts, chestnuts and other manna from the heavens that used to, at one point in our human history, sustain us as an important food source.

Has it come to the point where in an effort to protect, or zealously over-protect as the case may be, from any potential allergen risk that we need to sanitize and immunize ourselves from nature? 

The solution, as far as we’re concerned is simple; school boards have to start creating allergen free schools, where those small minority of children whose parents insist, rightly or paranoid-ly that they must be insulated from this allergen or that allergen, all of these kids can attend a special school with peace of mind, and the rest of us can send our kids to school with peanut butter sandwiches, yogourt and cracked walnuts in their lunch.

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One thought on “But What About the Squirrels?

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