Since When is Being a C**t a Badge of Honour?

vulvetaThe progressive left is all for free speech, so long as what you say agrees with what they are thinking.  Otherwise they have anointed themselves the arbiters of what is good free speech and what is simply the peddling of evil ideas and pollution of us poor ignoramuses’ minds.

The progressive left is against any kind of bullying too – provided it’s “bullying” against one of their favoured identity groups; gays, Islamists, feminists.  If you’re “bullying” anyone else, like say a white male, that’s all good, because everyone knows that white males are the source of 99% of the evil in our world.

So, this brings us to the latest shining example of leftist behaviour on campus with the shouting down of Stephen Woodworth’s talk at the University of Waterloo last night.  He was invited to speak there.  He came to speak on the rights of fetuses, our lack of any reasonable abortion limitations in Canada and other matters for which Stephen Woodworth has become one of the lone voices in parliament.  But nope that’s no good for the left.  No free speech on campuses, we all know that.

Instead his speech was busted up by “Vulveta”, some tool named Ethan Jackson dressed as a giant vagina, and shouting at Woodworth about how dare he have the right to impose his “monotheistic Christian” views on the rest of us… “monotheistic” ?  Is there a polytheistic Christianity?

Regardless, he’s a world class idiot.  Look at the video.  Some obviously self-loathing white male kid, whose parents still wipe his ass, and who if you do a basic Google search on his name turns out he’s a 21 year old arts student, and a Rainbow Centre Student Coordinator at nearby Wilfrid Laurier University.  So, someone who volunteers at a gay outreach centre, supposedly the exact type of person who would be concerned about bullying then becomes a bully when he doesn’t want someone he disagrees with speaking.  The hypocrisy.  But then he’s probably not bright enough or introspective enough to see it.

Funny how if you go to the WLURC web page, you see this hilarious description of one of their missions;

We offer a space in which to house resources, hold meetings, and, most importantly, provide the opportunity to engage in discourse in an open and positive environment.

Engage in discourse in an open and positive environment… ?  Really.  Let’s contrast that statement with Mr. Jackson’s (or is it Ms.?) behaviour and the little speech one of his progressive comrades gave when she commandeered the podium by force away from Stephen Woodworth;

“In the name of every cunt, we stand here today refusing to let you further devalue the anatomical jewel, and moreover refusing to let you keep talking about removing it.   We are the defenders of the cunt. You are threatening the freedom of all cunts while disseminating anti-cunt misinformation in institutions that require academic integrity.”

Classy.  I bet she’s getting an A+ from her Womyn’s Studies professor for that.  I can’t wait for her to get a good solid job after she graduates with her PhD at age 40, in some tax-payer funded campus Womyn’s Centre so she can try and teach my daughter when she gets to university that she’s a “c**t”.

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5 thoughts on “Since When is Being a C**t a Badge of Honour?

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  2. BC BUD says:

    Wow, your passive aggressive anger over the fact that society is no longer run by and for the exclusive benefit of heterosexual White Males really shows!.
    You are like countless millions of other Angry White Males who seek refuge in the anonymity of the Internet to express your frustration and rage over the fact that the White Male will increasingly lose his unearned societal influence in the years and decades to come by virtue of demography, and the long overdue empowerment of those the White Male has historical sought to keep down:
    woman, visible minorities and aboriginals.

    Sorry dudes, but demography is quite simply not on your side.

    The only reason why I point these things out is that it never fails to amazes me how so many White Males, typically Conservatives, whine and complain about “special interest groups” and “pandering to minorities”. I mean I would love to meet one, just one, woman, visible minority or aboriginal who would say such a thing!. I NEVER hear any of the women or visible minorities who are card carrying members of the Conservative Party of Canada even say that, and trust me, I know many of them quite well. No, its only ever White Males who say such things and the vast majority of negative comments on any given newspaper blogs or chat boards discussing events such as Gay Pride, Caribana, ect; are overwhelmingly from White Males. Which is fine, its freedom of speech, but the thing is my friend, its YOU who IS has been the “minority” in the City of Toronto since 2006, according to StatsCan, and it is you who will be the “minority” in Canada as a whole by the year 2050.

    I wonder if your children and grandchildren will regard celebrations of their own ethnocultural traditions as “pandering to minorities” in the years and decades ahead when they are the “minorities”?!.

    Sorry dudeS, but Canada does not exclusively belong to Whites anymore.


  3. This design is incredible! You obviously know how to keep a reader amused.
    Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my
    own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Great job. I really enjoyed what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it.
    Too cool!


  4. free2own says:

    a decent rant, the only problem with it is you pick a side. you want to berate the person for fighting his cause even though his fight is hypocritical of his wider purported view then you severely damaged your argument by favouring one view point over another. I completely agree with a portion of what you say, if a person believes in the freedom of speech and expression of views then this should include all ideology and opinion even if it may be considered socially damaging or irresponsible. unfortunately instead of stating that prejudice parties should be allowed an equal voice you said white males. all credibility was lost the moment you applied race and gender to the politics of a point about ‘human life.’ you would have been serving your own point better if you had said that even racists/sexists should be allowed an equal say. which I believe is most likely the point you were making. the idea that every person should be free to express themselves irrelevant of their persuasion no matter how repugnant it may be to some. and that a person that says you are not allowed to preach a prejudice view is just as bad as a person who preaches that it’s counter. and if that person says they believe in free expression but still says it omits their idea of negative expression is worse still than a prejudice man who allows his fellow man to speak.

    as for the colossal arsehat who missed the point you are so clearly if not very concisely trying to make. that person is no better than any xenophobe, racist, antisemite, sexist or any other purveyor of isms that denounces a persons view because they don’t agree. it’s simple. every persons opinion, no matter how inane, ludicrous or sadistic has as much right to be presented as any other. the humanity doesn’t come from squashing that belief like a book burning nazi, it comes from accepting that perspective and as a human collective trying to guide it to an ideology that benefits us all.

    exterminate the human race.


  5. Ethan is actually a girl “transitioning” to a “man”. I worked with her at subway and she unpromptedly showed me a picture of her hairy ass with a dildo stuck in it. The most disgusting degenerate I’ve ever meet.


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