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Another Rob Ford Post

Rob FordOh no.  We’re going to write about Rob Ford.  And why not?

What we want to add to the chatter is this:

God bless Rob Ford.

God bless Doug Ford.

We haven’t had this much fun watching a political story unfold on TV in years.

Please, please Rob Ford, find a way to run for Prime Minister.  We would pay good money to watch you debate Justin Trudeau. Two intellectual heavy weights.

Watching Rob and Doug at council  made me wonder – did King Kong Bundy and Big John Studd retire from professional wrestling and enter politics? I saw two loud, fat, sweaty men taunt the audience, push over an old lady, give long speeches about how they were going to beat everyone else and come pretty close to throwing a chair or two. It was awesome! Who needs WWE Raw?

Really though – one has to see the Matt Lauer interview.  At least Lauer doesn’t back down.  Why is it that it takes a U.S. reporter to tell him to his face that he’s an embarrassment?  Even Lord Peter Mansbridge, the so-called greatest anchorman ever, seemed to chicken out when face to face with Ford and his bro.   Maybe the whole pro-wrestling vibe intimidated him.

Here’s the thing … his defense basically boils down to following talking points;

1)     I’m not perfect, and everyone else gets wasted so why can’t I?

2)     I was really really drunk

3)     I’ve saved the taxpayers money

4)     He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone

The constant “nobody’s perfect”, and “have you never gotten drunk?” line is really worth thinking about.  “I’m only human”, like it’s super-human to expect a person in a position of responsibility to have reasonable control over their behaviour.  It seems to us that he and his brother are desperately clinging to this notion that he, being mayor and leader of the city, needn’t be held to any higher standard of conduct than your ordinary Joe Shmoe.  Maybe Adam Vaughn is right, and Rob Ford has “failed his way upwards”, because in life aren’t the people who are more disciplined, more in control of themselves, more composed, more thoughtful and deliberate – aren’t those the people who manage to climb into leadership positions and positions of success?  If so, they don’t complain about being held to higher standards, because they hold themselves to higher standards.

That’s what’s apparently missing in these two.  They don’t hold themselves to a higher standard of conduct, and resent that you would suggest they did.  And it’s nearly impossible to explain that kind of immaturity in grown men who’ve experienced great success in life without having an insight into family pathologies.  Who knows?

Regardless, a pay-per-view no-disqualifications match between Justin Trudeau and Rob Ford would net millions for charity.  Make it happen.

Either way, this is a LOT of fun to watch.  Toronto, the rest of Canada -we’ll survive.  Let’s enjoy the spectacle.

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