It’s Getting Dirty in Ontario Schools…

… and we’re not talking about the new sex-ed curriculum.

Rather, it seems that school custodians are engaged in yet another work-to-rule and the hallways and bathrooms in some schools are not being cleaned.

Our question is really simple; how is this not part of their basic job description?  This is mystifying.  Who negotiates these deals with the public unions, like the one that says teachers don’t have to fill out report cards?

And then parents are being told they are not allowed to come in and clean the schools of their own accord;

a parent council member says hallways are full of litter, “cockroaches and other pests pose a serious threat to students,” its gymnasium is unusable and critical fundraising activities that support needy students in the central city school aren’t happening.

If it’s technically NOT a union job, then what’s the problem with letting parents clean?

The great majority of jobs in today’s world, if they all had formal job descriptions and employment agreements, include the line, “Other duties, as required.”  A reasonable clause because you can’t possibly itemize every minor task a person would be required to perform to carry out their work in a conscientious, mindful and responsible manner.  Except when it comes to unions it seems.  Then it’s OK to dissect even simple jobs (keep the schools clean) into minute absurd divisions (classrooms, but not hallways).

And they wonder why automation is increasingly replacing blue collar work; because if you want people to approach their jobs like automatons, why not just get the real things.


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