Getting Older

This is of some interest.

Being a conservative in a predominantly liberal culture, a lot of thought goes into what influences culture and moves the needle in that regard.

To borrow from Stephen Harper’s analogy that he used in a talk with his caucus way back in 2008, culture is like a massive ocean liner; heading in one direction, almost impossible to change course.  Yet tiny almost imperceptible adjustments in its course could result in large changes in destination years down the road.

But there are three things that can change a culture, and in a relatively short period of time; technology, catastrophe and demographics.

When you look at this map and the article, it’s obvious that here in Canada we have a problem – a median age of 41.7 years is not a good thing, especially in a country (and province if you live in Ontario) that has heavily borrowed from future generations, which based on the median age looks like they might not be big enough in size to cover our current generation’s debts.

Germany is the oldest country, 46 years is the median age, and they’ve recently decided to address this lack of youth by saying they’re going to bring in a million Syrians at a cost of $23 billion or thereabouts.  That’ll change German culture, for sure.  But they’ve almost no choice in the matter; like most European countries, they’re heavily in debt with no future generations of Germans to pay the bills.  So they decide to invest in bringing in young people from other countries to pay those bills… if in fact they’re going to be interested in doing that.  It’s cultural suicide in the name of paying for cradle to grave statist benefits.



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