Yet Another Reason…

… not to encourage your kids to go to university.

Since when have campus orgies become a thing?  University of Alberta, take a bow.

The organizer is one Matthew James Hardy.  What a prize.

We’re pretty sure that for every young woman that shows up, there will be at least 50 dudes standing outside in the cold with their schlongs in their hands, since of course they’re supposedly going to try and make sure that there are even numbers from each gender (and sexuality).

And what will these people look like – guaranteed losers and nerds.

There are rules too?  I think asking that people wipe up the bodily fluids should go without saying.  And no testing for STDs?  A bit of Russian roulette, that.  You need to sign waivers and then ask every 30s if what you’re doing is still OK?

“Do I have your consent?”


“Do I still have your consent?”


“What about now?”


“Can I keep doing what I’m doing?”


…and on and on.  Until he goes one step too far and mistakes the exit for an entry, after which of course she yells rape and the party comes to a brutal end.

What is going on with our world?  It is to laugh.

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