Our Very Own Itchycoo Park

Do you hear it?  Angels playing their harps, cherubic children’s choirs singing, hippies strumming their guitars… we’ve done it!  The new messiah has been sworn in as Prime Minister!

Leah McLaren takes point on writing today’s installment of fellating-our-new-Prime Minister.  There is some wonderful stuff here;

I’m not sad about it. I’m delighted – for my country, for him, for the beautiful, beaming Sophie with her yoga-sculpted curves and wavy hair in a fashionable shade of “bronde” (half brown, half blonde). I’m happy for their three kids – the girl, the boy and the cherubic, bright-eyed baby. I imagine them all in their sunny kitchen on a Saturday morning, making oat-bran pancakes and chatting in a perfect blend of French and English about all the things they are going to do that will astonish people. Things like: laughing and smiling with conviction, having an open dialogue with the media, letting cabinet ministers say what they want and just generally being nice.

And if that wasn’t enough for you;

At some moments I feel about Justin Trudeau the way Truman Capote felt about the socialite Babe Paley: “She had only one flaw: She was perfect – other than that she was perfect.”

The issue isn’t Justin’s perceived flawlessness. The truth is, Justin Trudeau bothers me slightly because, well, he makes me feel old. Or, if not exactly old, just unaccomplished.

Oh Leah, don’t feel like that!  Justin is actually quite unaccomplished as well.  Don’t feel self-conscious about your failure of a life.

I had a little cry when I saw the election results, not only because I was happy and relieved for the country but because, looking at the beaming face of the man my own age we had chosen to run it, I realized that life had just got very, very real.

Yes, very real!

For my generation, Trudeau seems to be the opposite of a letdown. If anything, he’s a reminder that we need to raise the bar, to do better, or at least give our wildest dreams a shot.

Prediction – these people are doomed for devastating disappointment.  They have slipped on the banana peel of delusion and imbued our new Prime Minister with all the leftist dreams of a messianic charismatic Leader of the Left come to deliver them to the promised world.

Well, delusion meet the real world.  He can’t (and won’t) do half of what you want him to do.  Thankfully.

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